A crafted design process

We use an integrated approach to delve into business processes. This includes researching the market, prioritizing hypotheses, conducting tests, drawing the right conclusions, and designing the best solutions. We like to adapt methodologies to our purposes.


Products powered by design

We create new products and improve existing ones for the biggest eCommerce companies around the world. We want to create new and innovative digital solutions for businesses by improving the user experience.

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Our Services

With the right tools, you can build anything you want. For every client, we choose tools and frameworks that will help achieve positive results efficiently. With good user experience (UX), you can:

- Cut the time of development by 50%.

- Increase conversion rate by 45%.

- Increase KPIs by 83%.

UX Audit

The UX audit is an in-depth analysis of your eCommerce solution carried out by our experts. It verifies the performance of the site by taking into consideration users and best practices.

  • Hybrid approach to eCommerce

    As a strong technology company, we conduct our UX audit by combining the customer’s point of view with the technology matrix. We know that the best solutions are made of pieces that need to work well together.

  • Heuristic analysis

    We evaluate an online store comprehensively by taking into account every angle of the process. We take a deep dive into user personas, the purchase path, and the information architecture. We check if the user can easily find what they’re looking for and if the process is transparent and simple.
    Store elements that we analyze:

    - Homepage

    - Product search

    - Product page

    - Listing page

    - Filtering

    - Shopping cart

    - Checkout

  • What do you get?

    Our designers specialize in the field of eCommerce exclusively, so our knowledge is deep and focused. Thanks to our audit you will:

    - Improve your online store for users so they’ll be more likely to return.

    - You’ll see which actions and solutions are worth developing on your site and which should be abandoned.

    - You’ll get a roadmap for developing your services in the future.

    After the audit, you’ll receive a report detailing the strengths and weaknesses of the store. This includes a comprehensive list of recommendations for changes and our visual proposition for the redesign of two pages. You’ll be able to see how our recommendations will improve the user’s journey along with the look and feel of the site.

Scoping Session

Transform your idea into a business. A good start is crucial to every project. During the scoping session workshops, you can test your idea and start a successful IT project without taking a bigger risk.

  • UX Workshops

    The main purpose of the scoping session is to deliver a high-level list of business requirements, a preliminary list of functionalities, UX/UI recommendations, roadmap, and estimation. 

    A one-day workshop with our team will consist variety of methods like user story mapping, lighting demos, crazy eights, tone of voice, simply to gather needed data. Thanks to this, the design part of the Scoping Session will end up with:

    - A high-level list of functionalities and site map of the eCommerce

    - Protopersonas and high-level user stories

    - UX/UI recommendations and project estimation

    - Two high fidelity wireframes to show the look and feel, and vision of the final project

  • What do you get?

    Scoping Session is a service created for our clients to help them reduce the risks associated with developing eCommerce. During two days workshop, we will prepare the project scope, choose technologies, plan for specific stages, define the budget and we will simply evaluate the risks of the strategy. Why is it worth it?

    - You will get a roadmap, a visualization of your idea, and a high-level action plan

    - You will meet our team of experts that will support your project in the best possible manner

    - You will get a timeline and budget, so you will be aware of how much time and money it will get to see the first results.


    Learn more about Scoping Session

Product Discovery

Product discovery workshops are where a business’s needs meet the design and development requirements to start the initial dialogue. The product discovery process begins by developing a profound understanding of the customers, and then it moves on to using that knowledge to build digital products.

  • Why do you need discovery?

    - Discovery starts with a broad objective such as finding out about the problem, how big it is, and what the opportunities might be.

    - A discovery phase requires team members to investigate the context of the problem to the following might be produced to help the team organize knowledge about the project and users.

    - We use various methodologies, workshops and tools to take a client on the journey of possibilities, needs, requirements, risks and obstacles that are on the way to accomplish the target

  • What do you get?

    Do you know that every $1 invested in UX generates a return between $2 to $100?

    The design of your product has a huge impact on customers’ experience and the final success of the product. Why is this essential?

    - It identifies big risks in product management

    - Helps you to create products that customers actually need

    - It prevents you from wasting resources

    Let's speak about it!

Usability Testing

Usability tests allow you to understand how users behave in your shop. This is essential for the development of eCommerce because it improves the intuitiveness of the website and puts users' needs first.


  • Why is it worth it?

    During usability tests, we check whether the shop users can use all the functions, and navigation through the shop does not cause them problems, find the necessary information easily, make purchases in a comfortable environment.

    In eCommerce, the usability of a shop is a key element of success. Users must navigate the site with ease to make informed purchasing decisions.

    - Optimisation - usability tests allow us to improve the intuitiveness of the shop and eliminate any inconveniences that dissuade the user from making a purchase‍

    - Satisfaction - your clients will buy faster in a comfortable environment, which will increase trust in your brand as a reliable seller‍

    - Conversion - improving user experience will make shopping in the shop more convenient and safe, which will translate into increased sales

  • What do you get?

    Tests performed by our UX specialists on desktop and mobile versions of your site can be moderated or offline. Various methodologies and tools allow us to find answers to specific questions. On top of that, thanks to our work you will:

    - Check how your customers use the website

    - Learn about actual difficulties encountered by customers while using the website and making purchases

    - Find out what users like and what they miss

    - Gain specific tips for implementing changes in the shop, which will increase customer satisfaction

    Let's talk about it!

UX/UI Design

Visual communication, brand empowerment,  smart product presentation, and a crafted user journey are all factors that determine how a successful online store is created. We always put UX and user interface (UI) together so we can be certain it works for the user.

  • Strategy

    - Business Strategy Workshops

    - Personas

    - Competitor Analysis

    - User Story Mapping

    - Interviews with users

  • Design

    - Architecture and sitemaps

    - Moodboards

    - Wireframes, wireflows

    - Prototypes

    - Styleguides

Design Systems

Create better digital products with design systems. It’s a single source of truth, experience, and efficiency that streamlines the design and development process.

  • Why you should have a design system

    Developing a design system may require an initial investment in time and resources, but the benefits and value delivered to the business far outweigh the initial costs.

    - Save time and money

    - Increase consistency

    - Reduce maintanance

  • What do you get?

    When it comes to design systems, there is no ‘one size fits all' approach. Systems are usually created from scratch to suit the specific needs of an organization. But some of the things are within the framework every time so we will deliver you:

    - Correct team model to deliver and maintain a design system

    - Right methodology used in the system

    - Components and library

    - Documentation

    - Tools to maintain

Identify your user’s issues and boost your ROI thanks to an excellent UX experience

Case studies

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B2B UI Template for eCommerce

B2B UI Template for eCommerce

B2B UI Template for eCommerce is designed to literally save months of work for anyone starting a B2B eCommerce project. It’s the first open-source UI template for B2B eCommerce. This template contains the maximum functionalities that can appear in B2B, and it’s not created for a specific industry. It’s available for free in the Figma Community and optimized for B2B UI Template for eCommerce and Vue Storefront.

B2B UI Template for eCommerce is based on granular, reusable component designs starting from simple buttons up to full-page designs. A Figma file is created with all of the functionalities that make every designer’s life easier, like a style guide, auto layout, components, etc. The template is designed with the best UX principles and compiled from 13 years of experience by Divante in eCommerce. Its goal is to increase conversion rates and shorten the time to market.

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Click & Collect

Click & Collect

Click & Collect makes the online to offline shopping experience easier, quicker, and safer thanks to contactless transactions. The concept is very simple: click to buy online and then collect the products at the nearest store. It’s like browsing through many stores at one time but visiting only the one where the products you want are available.

Click & Collect Accelerator is a set of elements that reduce the time to market for the implementation of in-store pickup for eCommerce orders. Divante, as both a vendor and a producer of a variety of eCommerce-related solutions, has created a best-in-breed ecosystem focused on mobile operations.

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