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Prepare your eCommerce activities for the AI revolution. Generate and validate ideas quickly and effectively. 

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We know it's hard to keep up with the AI revolution. We've got your back.

The rapid development of AI solutions opens thrilling opportunities for eCommerce businesses. It promises fit-for-purpose digital tools that improve companies’ efficiency and add value for customers. But navigating this complex landscape can be overwhelming without the right guidance.  

This is why we created AI Sprint. In a structured workshop setting, our team of experts helps you harness AI's potential quickly and effectively and create actionable plans for implementation. We’ve seen where AI implementations fail, and we’re here to help you address these risks proactively.


Your guarantee for success 

Almost every business is trying to get on the AI train, but many do it without the right assessment first.
The goal of AI Sprint is to help you avoid making
costly mistakes.

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of AI and ML implementation projects fail.



run into problems with data quality, data labelling, and building model confidence.

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is your guarantee for tangible outcomes of AI Sprint: PoC and actionable roadmap.

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4-6 weeks

is all it takes to complete the entire AI Sprint process.

Transform data into
your most
valuable asset


Map your data lineage

Discover the data’s journey through processes and systems in your company. Address bottlenecks and find areas with potential for automation and improvements


Find your data gravity

Determine which data sets are critical to your buisness operations and require the highest quality. Study where they accumulate and what miscellaneous data they attract.

Data Strategy (newest) - Divante Finance flow 2

An example outcome of a data lineage workshop


Interested in our data lineage process? Let's talk!

Make AI your new reality 

In a single AI Sprint, we equip you with everything you need to kickstart impactful AI projects in your business. 


Think visionary

Define your high-level vision, align it strategically, and transform it into an actionable plan.   


Ask the right questions

Learn the actual needs of your company during interviews with stakeholders. 


Understand your strengths

Internally research and identify the best projects, use cases, and technological architecture for AI implementations. Explore your data lineage and gravity. 


Survey the market

Don’t reinvent the wheel needlessly. Research the market, technologies it offers, and best practices. Learn from the successes and failures of your competitors. 


Connect the dots

Establish a structured process to match AI with your existing tech stack.  


Challenge and validate

Quickly assess your ideas, evaluate risks, and create detailed plans for implementations.  

How it works

From ideation to a working product, our experts guide you through all the necessary steps to define, plan, and implement an AI solution. 


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Your paths to success

We designed AI Sprint for businesses at various stages of their AI journeys. Whether you’re looking for guidance on how to leverage data you’ve gathered or already have an idea in mind, our experts know how to help you succeed. 

Problem defining

for those looking for inspiration.

We emphasize the initial steps of AI Sprint. Our experts guide you through assessing which areas of your business will benefit the most from an AI implementation and help you brainstorm the best ideas. 



for those with a vision.

We focus on the later steps of AI Sprint. Our experts help you validate your idea, consider its strengths and weaknesses, and assess its feasibility. Then, we steer you toward creating an actionable plan for implementation. 

No matter which path suits your business the best,
the outcomes of AI Sprint are the same

Executive deck with a presentation of well-structured thinking problems,
recommendations, and next steps  
 User tests and interviews  
Clickable prototype or Proof of Concept  
Roadmap with ballpark estimation 
 Future support. You can end here or develop the project further with us
into a fully-functioning product. The choice is entirely up to you.
Data lineage map.

Ready to unlock the potential of AI in your business?

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