Consumer behavior has changed

COVID-19 has changed customer behavior. Putting safety first, many people have been encouraged to try online shopping for the first time. And it’s not just the occasional purchases like new shoes or a bigger TV; shoppers are doing their daily shopping in their favorite convenience stores.

A Click & Collect implementation gives shoppers the best of both worlds - online sales with physical collection of goods at the store. Retailers can offer a seamless omnichannel with a range of benefits for the customer: faster online purchasing with no distractions, no queues or crowds in-store, and fewer human touchpoints for a safer buying journey.

Key numbers of how Click & Collect has grown during COVID-19

  • Click & Collect sales increased by 63% once the stay-at-home recommendations were announced.
    Numerator Insights.

  • 42% of customers are more likely to use Click & Collect services in grocery stores and pharmacies during the coronavirus outbreak.
    Qudini survey report.

  • 23% of online shoppers prefer some form of Click & Collect over home delivery.
    Adobe survey.

What is Click & Collect?

Simple but effective omnichannel shopping: you click to buy online and then collect the products at the nearest store.

If you have ever ordered your favorite product during lunch and picked it up on the way home from work, that’s Click & Collect service.
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    Choose online

    Your consumers appreciate convenience, comfort, and a wide product range. Starting the shopping process online lets you deliver the exact experience they need.

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    Pick-up offline

    Customers have the option to choose pick-up from the nearest shop, with a flexible pick-up time.

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    Pay the way you want

    Click & Collect can be used in tandem with PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, quick money transfers, and more.

Benefits of Click & Collect

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Easier payments and safe, touchless transactions

Give your users a choice of card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and more. Deliver goods with a minimum personal contact to take care of the health of your workers and customers.

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Faster service and less time spent at the store

Show that you value your customers’ time by eliminating queues. Improve employee efficiency so workers can better handle the number of in-store customers and follow pandemic regulations.

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Increase average order value online and offline

Upsell through recommendations based on viewing history and previous orders. Also, give your customers the ability to buy additional products in the store.

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Automate and enhance customer loyalty schemes

No more asking for a loyalty card. Connected loyalty points to the online account to give your customers a more convenient and rewarding brand experience.

Click & Collect Software Accelerator - components we use

Click & Collect Accelerator is a set of elements that reduce the time-to-market of the implementation of the in-store pickup of eCommerce orders. Divante has created a best-in-breed ecosystem focused on mobile operations and implements it based on Vue Storefront Cloud.

The Vue Storefront Cloud license provides an advanced integration with a commercetools backend, as well as with numerous other third-party providers (CMS / Search / Payment systems, etc). Those integrations are ready out of the box and provide a true acceleration to the development process.


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    1. Welcome screen

    Greet your users with themed graphics or personalized content.

  • 14

    2. Log in/Sign in

    Give your customers a choice to register or provide them with a full guest experience without signing in.

  • 12-12

    3. Choose the nearest store

    Based on location services, you can save the customer's time by pointing them to their nearest store.

  • 10

    4. Main screen

    Present the most important information about your user's account and show recommended products.

  • 9

    5. Search engine

    Enable your customers to quickly find products and suggest similar results.

  • 8-1

    6. Menu and categories

    Display the full range of goods divided into the categories known from the shelves of your stores.

  • 6

    7. Product detail page

    Showcase all product details with multiple images or videos.

  • 5-1

    8. Cart

    Show an order summary, including all costs and a place to utilize discount codes.

  • 42

    9. Payment options

    Multiple options to meet the user’s expectations and close more deals.

  • 16

    10. Order confirmation

    Give your customer all necessary information about the pick-up process. Give an estimated time to customers up to date.

  • 1

    11. Navigation

    Show directions to your store by integrating with third-party apps.

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    12. Pick-up

    End the shopping journey with a safe and convenient contactless pick-up.

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Technology partners

  • logo partner vue storefront

    Vue Storefront

    Limitless open-source frontend for any eCommerce, invented by Divante in 2016. Built with a PWA and headless approach, using a modern JS stack, Vue Storefront provides shopping experiences like native apps and boosts site performance. 200+ live implementations and more than 3,500 community members make it the world's fastest-growing open-source eCommerce platform.

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    The joint forces of Vue Storefront and the commercetools headless tool kit mean store owners are able to squeeze the maximum potential from their system architecture. The robust commercetools API highlights all the strengths of Vue Storefront and makes sure that the backend doesn't limit performance in any way. Entirely cloud-hosted with continually enhanced APIs that don't break backward compatibility.

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