Re-evaluate your business

Our Magento Audit takes a root and branch approach to your eCommerce, to define what works well and where you might unlock new value.

We take an expert 360° view on your architecture, code, documentation, and security. With actionable insight, you can move forward alone with confidence or partner with us to take the right next steps for your business. 

When to audit your eCommerce

  • Performance issues

    Performance issues

    Customers expect fast, intuitive experiences. Site performance drives retention and conversion rates.

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    Deficient architecture or documentation

    Spaghetti code and poor documentation are problems that can spiral if they are not dealt with in good time.

  • Security issues

    Security issues

    Trust is essential in online sales. You need to make sure that your store is water-tight.

  • Auditing your existing agency

    Auditing your existing agency

    We assess areas in which your existing partners can do more for your business, or what you should look for in your next partner.

  • Planned migrations

    Planned migrations

    Migration can be essential, especially as Magento 1 support comes to an end, but is an overwhelming process. Before you start, find the right approach.

  • Planned site improvements

    Planned site improvements

    Audit before a major redesign or introducing a PWA. Also don't let development slow down and maintenance costs spiral. Stay ahead of your site.

The scope of your audit

Divante is a Magento Professional Solution Partner and audits are carried out by a team of certified Magento developers. Our comprehensive look at your eCommerce includes system architecture, infrastructure, code quality measured using different metrics, logs and error analysis, security, and performance issues.

  • 1


    We discover and map your architecture. See exactly how it all fits together.

  • 2


    Check if you are utilizing the full scope of what you are paying for with Magento.

  • 3


    Review hosting and services, including configuration, tweaks, scaling, backup, and availability.

  • 4


    Audit the processes, efficiency, and best practices in your software development.

  • 5


    Check the best available tech solutions have been used for your specific business needs.


When you sell online, your eCommerce is the machine that powers your business—and a 1% swing in conversion rates can be the difference between a good and bad year. Knowing that you have done everything you can to gain a competitive advantage and understanding how to keep improving your infrastructure for future growth, is the surest path to success.

At the end of our audit, you receive:

- A full report covering every area of your eCommerce
- Our findings presented to you in a simple high/low risk system
- Understandable and actionable information about bottlenecks,
security issues, and areas for improvement
- Recommendations for the next steps to take and a list
of critical issues that need to be dealt with
- An in-house presentation from our audit team

Why Divante?

We have undertaken audits and large Magento implementations for major stores like Tally Weijl or Dufry. We can help map and develop your eCommerce of the future, adding powerful elements like PWA and microservices to your store. Chose Divante for your Magento Audit and then see how we can take your business further with a powerful ongoing partnership.

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