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The idea of composable commerce defines our approach. We support a wide range of technologies and products that give you the freedom to tailor-fit the infrastructure to your needs and goals. No compromises or half-measures. 


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At Cloudflight, we understand very well that no two businesses are identical. Companies invest in fine-tuning their strategies to gain market advantage, but these efforts can be in vain if they aren’t precisely reflected in their eCommerce infrastructure. 

This is where composable commerce becomes a game changer. We build eCommerce solutions out of individual modules and packaged business capabilities to make sure that each individual part fully supports you in achieving your business goals.

There are over a 100 billion possible unique combinations of these tools, and we know how to choose and implement the one that’s just right for you. 

ECommerce engines



Modular, customizable stack with scalable cloud capabilities.

Excels in supporting highly customized B2B, B2C, and marketplace solutions based on even the most unusual business models. Highly extendible with over 50 ready-to-use packaged business capabilities.



Versatile powerhouse for the most demanding omnichannel projects.

Its cloud-native, multi-tenant architecture with a flexible API is aimed at being a solid base for eCommerce systems that need to be highly scalable, extendable, and customizable. 



Highly flexible open-source alternative to commercial products.

Developed as a collection of building blocks rather than a uniform engine, it’s a developer favorite that excels at adding tailor-fit eCommerce functionalities to websites not originally created for this purpose.  

Also supported:

Custom eCommerce front ends



Powerful open-source Vue framework that makes web development intuitive.

Used by front-end teams at Google, OpenAI, GitHub, GitLab, Upwork, and many more. It’s very friendly to use and delivers excellent performance



React framework that enables you to create high-quality web applications with React components.

It was chosen by Nike, Spotify, Stripe, The Washington Post, and many other companies.  



Progressive JavaScript framework that simplifies web development with its intuitive design.

Trusted by leading companies like Facebook, Adobe, Alibaba, and Xiaomi, it offers unmatched flexibility and efficiency, and ensures stellar performance for web applications.

Also supported:


PIM solutions


Bluestone PIM

Robust PIM solution built for enterprise-grade eCommerce.

A certified member of the MACH Alliance thanks to its entirely headless architecture, seamless scalability, and support for over 500 different APIs. The platform also invests heavily in AI features.



Renowned for being a complete MDM system.

It goes far beyond product information by allowing for managing information on clients, distributors, prices on the market, content, and, effectively, any other type of data that a business might need.



Highly capable PIM solution with robust data enrichment functionalities, AI integrations, and analytics modules.

Easily extendable thanks to its app store with over 200 apps and seamlessly scalable as a member of the MACH Alliance.  

Supporting products and technologies

All the extra bits and pieces that seamlessly attach to the core eCommerce engine. They can fine-tune the shopping experience that you offer to customers and its alignment with your business priorities.

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Headless content management

A headless CMS allows for greater flexibility and scalability in delivering content across various channels and devices.

By decoupling these components, businesses can leverage APIs to distribute content dynamically and ensure seamless user experiences and efficient content delivery. 

Search engines

Specialized tools designed to efficiently navigate vast online marketplaces and enable users to find desired products or services quickly and accurately.

They enhance the shopping experience by streamlining product discovery and facilitating seamless conversions within digital storefronts. 

Payment providers

Payment providers offer seamless and secure transaction processing solutions for businesses.

By offering multiple payment options and robust security measures, payment providers enhance customer trust and satisfaction while optimizing revenue streams for businesses. 

Shipping providers

Through advanced tracking systems and partnerships with carriers, modern shipping systems streamline the fulfillment process, minimize shipping costs, and enhance customer satisfaction by delivering orders efficiently and securely. 

Promotions and loyalty

Promotions and loyalty platforms empower businesses to engage with customers through targeted marketing campaigns, discounts, and loyalty programs.

They leverage customer data and behavior insights to deliver personalized promotions and rewards that foster long-term customer relationships and drive repeat purchases.  


Customer relationship management (CRM) systems enable businesses to manage interactions and relationships with current and potential customers.

They centralize customer data, including contact information, purchase history, and communication preferences, to facilitate personalized engagement across various touchpoints. 

Recommendation and segmentation

Recommendation and segmentation tools analyze customer data to generate personalized product recommendations and targeted marketing campaigns.

By leveraging machine learning algorithms and customer behavior insights, these tools identify patterns and preferences to deliver relevant content and promotions to individual users.  

Marketing automation

Marketing automation platforms streamline marketing processes by automating repetitive tasks, such as email campaigns, social media scheduling, and lead nurturing.

These platforms leverage customer data and behavior insights to deliver personalized messaging at scale and enable businesses to engage with customers efficiently across multiple channels.  

Order management systems

Order management systems (OMS) centralize and automate the order fulfillment process from order placement to delivery and beyond.

These systems integrate with eCommerce platforms, inventory management systems, and shipping providers to streamline order processing, inventory tracking, and shipping logistics 


Analytics tools provide businesses with insights into customer behavior, market trends, and performance metrics to inform data-driven decision-making.

These tools collect and analyze data from various sources, including website traffic, sales transactions, and marketing campaigns, to uncover actionable insights and optimize business strategies.  

Ready to compose the perfect eCommerce infrastructure?

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Ready to compose the perfect eCommerce infrastructure?

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