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It's all about making sure you're solving the right problem, for the right audience, at the right time.

In the era of the digital revolution, almost all companies focus on the development of new, fit-for-purpose digital solutions to improve operational efficiency and their service level. But not all of them have adequate facilities and resources.

Innovation Lab is here to:

  • Navigate you through what's next.
  • Challenge and validate your ideas quickly.
  • Successfully undergo the digital transformation process.
  • And more

Divante Innovation Lab provides a unique set of experts to approach the idea and project holistically.

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We've already done four world-class products that you can read about in TechCrunch or see in Y Combinator.

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Case study:

We created a product based on Facebook's algorithm and deployed a proof of concept (PoC) to gain actionable insights based on real data.

How do we work?



Synergy definition
Understanding partners’ strategies, including goals and what might accelerate and stop them along with the outcomes they bring. We want to find the synergy.

Forming the problem to be solved and the project appetite, risks, collaboration rules, and knowledge sources


To find and prioritize those goals to be achieved with us. To crystalize the idea and to democratize initial knowledge with both stakeholders and Divante representatives


Workshops, scoping sessions, analyzing strategy meetings, creating a brief, and formulating project assumptions.



Environmental research
Researching the project environment broadly from three perspectives: the business, the user, and the technology.

Scoped research
Diving deeply into mapped triggers to gather qualitative insights

Prioritizing insights and triggers and converting them into design challenges.

Agile ideation and testing ideas to decide which of them should be included in both the solution and its PoC.

Story building
Improving solutions based on final tests and stakeholders' comments.


To set a value proposition and the direction for the ultimate solution. Then, we test the ideas and build a full story with recommendations for the next steps.


By continuously validating gathered discoveries and ideas with business stakeholders, users, and technology providers. 



Presenting the concept with a process summary and PoC together with a proposition for the next steps. Having the prototypes tested with actionable conclusions.

Sharing solution and product discovery assumptions with the delivery team.

Supporting the delivery team with knowledge from the Innovation Lab about the solution (tech, business, user), product discovery methodology, and implementation plans.


To create a common understanding about what needs to be done and to prepare the delivery team for an appropriate implementation process.


By including key delivery team members in crucial project points, they understand the vision.

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"Innovation Lab has been a one-stop shop for all our eCommerce needs."

Patryk Dolewa, Head of Information Technology, CIO, and IT Director at Gemini Pharmacy

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