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Manufacturing and distribution

Our blueprint for future-ready eCommerce for the manufacturing and distribution sector.

Our promise

We’re a software development company geared to the needs of the manufacturing and distribution industries. We believe in efficient online sales and streamlined delivery processes that are precisely adjusted to your needs. 


Full product data

Easily resolve issues with limited or incomplete product information. Maintain full-scale descriptions for vendors and customers alike.


Optimized checkout process

Increase revenue through seamless abandoned cart recovery and smoother customer experience.


Enhanced customer

Reduce the volume of customer service inquiries and costs of sales, and build loyalty that results in repeate customers and reorders.



Build a flexible and scalable eCommerce platform that can grow with your business and adapt to changing market conditions.

Product information management integrations

Inconsistent stock levels and product variety generate management inefficiencies. That’s why we offer PIM platform integrations to efficiently manage your product base, edit product information in bulk, manage multiple eCommerce channels, and communicate with retailers and wholesalers. With a PIM system on board, you can effortlessly take full control over your offering and inventory. 

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Full control
over orders

Large-scale operations demand a corresponding level of control. With enterprise-level volumes of orders, tracking every single shipment and product can become an insurmountable challenge. Our experts know how to solve this. We offer dedicated eCommerce solutions for product rerouting, tracking, and reacting to shipping alerts and issues.

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Shifting to digital sales representatives

Consumers, resellers, and shops are increasingly moving into the digital environment, and your business needs to keep up. We can help you change your business model from physical to digital sales and become more flexible in your business. Start selling products directly online, massively, and at scale.

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Replication of B2C experiences

Customers are accustomed to solutions driven by B2C eCommerce platforms and digital shops, and are becoming less and less tolerant of subpar experiences. With a mixture of UX/UI design expertise and technical prowess with the right tools and templates, we help you translate the seamless experiences of the B2C environment into the world of B2B.

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Let’s talk about your project

The world is changing, and you can’t afford not to hit the mark. We can help you address challenges, scale the business, and implement modern solutions. Contact us to talk about platform integrations, business consulting, and other services for the manufacturing and distribution sector. Let’s make supply chains work for you. 

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