Magento development services

Magento development services

Implement a world-class Magento eCommerce platform in your business.

Why choose Magento?

Magento is one of the most commonly known eCommerce platforms. At Divante, we use it along with other solutions like commercetools, Shopware, and others. We always try to suit technology to specific needs in order to maximize the overall business value for our clients.

As for Magento itself, it has been on the market for over 14 years. It has a wide user base, and it’s been well tested in eCommerce organizations. Magento's main advantages over its competitors are huge support within the tech community, frequent updates and security patches from Adobe, the wide availability of modules, vertical and horizontal scalability, endless customization, and many more.

Magento, now Adobe Commerce

Since 2021 Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud have become a single brand
of Adobe Commerce.

Magento 2 development services
Magento, now Adobe Commerce

Since 2021 Magento Commerce and Adobe Commerce Cloud have become a single brand
of Adobe Commerce.

Main benefits for your business

Open source

Magento comes in two main versions. One of them is a paid one, and the other is free of charge. That’s one of the reasons why Magento is one of the biggest and most developed eCommerce platforms. Starting your adventure with a basic Magento-based store is very easy.

Installing and managing it doesn’t require a specific technical background. That ease of use can save your business a lot of money because your budget will mostly be put into the enhancements done by a professional agency instead of paying for basic stuff like a license to use it, for example.

Built for eCommerce

From the very beginning of its existence, Magento was created by people who saw the need to create a robust eCommerce platform that would cover most eCommerce needs. We all know that every industry works by its own rules. So, having a platform that was designed specifically for online selling purposes gives you the assurance that you’ll get most of the features required by this specific sales channel out of the box.


Magento is built to fit the needs of businesses of all sizes and models, and to sell every type of product you can imagine. You can customize it according to your needs and necessities. Looking at market examples, it can support small stores and huge enterprise-level companies.


Even though Magento comes with many useful features out of the box, it’s worth noting that additional customization possibilities are endless. These other potential customizations start from small things like changing the configuration and continue with modules widely available online and end with modules built only for specific businesses. There’s no feature or business needs the Magento platform can’t handle.

Why should Divante be your Magento development company?

We’ve implemented huge migrations to the latest versions of Magento.

Since the beginning of 2016, we’ve only worked on Magento 2
in new projects.

We’re with you at all times.

After the implementation of your Magento eCommerce platform, we can help you with maintenance of the system and updates. We provide service level agreements (SLA) to let you sleep in peace.

Magento is just one technology in our portfolio.

We also implement PIM systems and storefront applications, including, among others, Vue Storefront, and Open Loyalty as our loyalty application. Our Product Design Team will prepare your design and, together with front-end developers, take care of every detail of your platform.

We’ve gained a great deal of experience with Magento 2 development services.

Over the years, we’ve developed many Magento-based stores
in several industries, including medical, technical, fashion,
and electronics.

Divante is a Magento contributor (B2B Module).


Is Magento the right platform for your business?

Benefits of the Magento platform

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A well-functioning marketplace of ready-made modules that’ll last for years. It provides ready-made solutions, reduces implementation costs, and shows the technical trends of the eCommerce market.

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A system
for enterprises

The Magento 2 architecture has been designed for demanding customers from the beginning.
In practice, it manifests itself in
high standards of code production, modularity, and the universality
of solutions.

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On the market
for many years

Magento has been around for many years. It’s been universally tested by eCommerce businesses due to the availability of its open-source version. This commonness of Magento secures a whole range of possibilities for each industry.


Solar website redesign

It's a leading Polish fashion retail brand that has been present in the eCommerce realm for some time but felt their website didn’t reflect their approach to business and customer service. They decided to rebuild it with innovative principles and their goals in mind, so they picked Divante to be one of its partners in the Magento development process.

We helped them by implementing the designs, which resulted in significant growth in traffic, conversion rates, and revenue.

Business results:

  • Within eight weeks, the conversion rate was boosted by more than 24%, revenue grew by more than 70%.
  • Over 30% growth in mobile conversions, which was surprising since the increase in mobile traffic was only 1.5%.
Solar magento development

An ecosystem that we build around eCommerce

Magento is just one of the elements of a complete system that allows you to fully manage an online business. It always depends on the scale and needs, but, often, around Magento development services, there are:

  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP): The heart of the entire system that’s necessarily integrated with Magento.

  • Marketing tools and services: All kinds of external tools and services to better understand and reach customers.

  • Product information management (PIM): For projects where enriching the content of products is a task for several people who distribute them to several channels, PIM will be a beneficial tool. In addition to integrating with Magento, our services include preparing and customizing PIM for clients.

  • Front end: It can be a good, known responsive web design or a separate, modern application. Progressive web app (PWA), headless, do you know these terms? We do, too!


on Magento


Magento projects delivered


Years of experience

Tell us about your project

Magento implementation process


We begin with a scoping session to determine what has to be done. Before that, we, along with the client, prepare all required materials and documentation. Sometimes, our team also prepares a demo to present during this first initial meeting. After the session, we prepare a written summary, and when it’s accepted, we provide a rough estimation of the Magento development project.

If the client has a good RFP or other form of specifications for the project prepared, this step can be skipped.


Then we proceed with a discovery phase. We look through the documentation and prepare the Magento development process with all the required stages. We create epics and user stories that reflect every feature of the product. A more detailed estimation of delivery is now possible. Also, we have to pick suitable modules for the Magento 2 eCommerce platform. Besides the main project, we often have to add some integrations or small applications to achieve the client’s goals.


Now it’s time for agile development. All the previous steps were necessary to make sure our team can work productively and efficiently. We proceed with design, programming, code review, and quality assurance in iterations, asking for feedback along the way to make sure the project is going in the right direction. Agile is a methodology that offers excellent results thanks to constant communication, teamwork, and reflection on past activities to improve the project scope as it progresses.


Going live is now possible. However, that doesn’t mean that the work is over. Further development, scaling, and updates are very much ongoing. We know that a high-quality product is constantly growing and improving. That’s why we offer our support after the release. Our team also offers technical help to quickly fix potential problems and support you in the development of new features.

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