Divante is now Cloudflight


Group 17
1000+ employees

300 employees

Group 18-2
Poland, Germany, Austria,
Netherlands, Romania


AI, Software for Products and Processes,
Cloud development, eCommerce

Commerce solutions



Digital transformation is a complex path, and you need strong allies to deliver the top projects. That is why at Divante we have decided to join forces with Cloudflight, one of the leading full-service providers for industrial digital transformation in Europe. 

From now on, we go beyond eCommerce development. Together, as a joint Cloudflight company, we offer our customers an end-to-end service portfolio — from strategy and consulting through custom software and cloud-native development to operations. 


What is changing

From the branding point of view, Divante is officially becoming a part of Cloudflight, changing its name and logo. 

For our clients and technology partners, the only change is a more complex and cross-functional team, taking even better care of their digital transformation process. 

From the employees' point of view, the acquisition means a more international and diverse team, new office locations, and the opportunity to develop in new areas. 

As Divante, we were based in Poland, with 300 people on board, offering open-source eCommerce solutions. As Cloudflight, we are extending our locations to 5 countries, with over 1000 people on board, offering artificial intelligence, cloud-native, embedded software development, human-machine interface design (HMI), cognitive systems, and eCommerce solutions. 


After over 13 years of presence on the Polish market and the delivery of over 1400 projects, the expansion of our capabilities seemed to be a logical step. The merge with Cloudflight, a leading European software development company, and AI solution provider, made it possible for both entities to develop and start offering a holistic end-to-end service portfolio.

Marcin Łaskawski, former CEO at Divante, now Chief Business Officer at Cloudflight

Follow Cloudflight channels

With the merger, Divante’s social media channels will become inactive in the beginning of July. 

From this moment on, we’ll officially become one Cloudflight team, with joint communication streams. Don’t miss any update on our new chapter and follow Cloudflight’s channels!