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70% YoY revenue growth with website redesign

Solar is a leading Polish fashion retail brand that has been present in the eCommerce realm for some time but felt their website didn’t reflect their approach to business and customer service. They decided to rebuild it with innovative principles and their goals in mind, so they picked Divante to be one of its partners in the development process.

We helped them by implementing the designs, which resulted in significant growth in traffic, conversion rates, and revenue.






Why were we asked to help?

A redesign for a better future in eCommerce

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Solar was established in 1989, which makes it one of the oldest women’s clothing brands in Poland.

Solar was established in 1989, which makes it one of the first women’s clothing brands in Poland. Solar manages a chain of over 63 own stores, 14 franchise outlets and 49 partner shops. They also cooperate with 11 partners from abroad, and have 1 franchise outlet located in Germany. What makes them stand out from the competition is the high quality of materials, rich colors, and distinctive overprints. They came to us asking for a website redesign to refresh their market presence and achieve new business objectives they set.


Recognized objectives

The layout on Solar’s website was outdated and didn’t meet modern standards in the fashion industry. Creating a new design would allow the brand to introduce new features and strengthen their position within the eCommerce market. It would also provide more practical benefits when it comes to SEO and performance.

The company observed constant and significant growth in mobile traffic, which motivated them to streamline their website’s usability and improve navigation on mobile devices. The redesign was intended to be the first step towards the implementation of Solar’s dedicated mobile app.


Challenges of this project

The new website had to be highly flexible and customizable because the client wanted to publish versatile listings at preferred times. That’s why we needed to build a content management system (CMS) that would let Solar employees create listings on their own and without a need for IT support. The page builder module we prepared gave the brand full control of their website content whenever they needed to quickly update it.


How did we tackle the tech?

It’s all about responsiveness and usability

We had to redesign every part of the customer journey, including listings, product cards, and the user account section. The entire website emphasizes users of mobile devices because Solar constantly increases revenue from this channel. We also reshaped the mega menu at the top of the main page.


Picking the technology

We decided to bet on Magento with the Luma theme and customize it to meet every requirement Solar gave us. It positively influenced the user experience (UX) and responsiveness of the website. The checkout functionality was rebuilt based on customer surveys with offline and online clients to meet their expectations.


Loyalty is the key

Solar has their own loyalty program called The Solar Club. It has to be an integral part of the website because acquiring new customers is not enough. Building strong relationships with long-term clients allows the brand to establish their position on the market and steadily grow revenue. That’s why we implemented a feature that enables buyers to collect points every time they purchase at Solar.


Optimized UX on mobile and web

Solar wanted to create diverse listings with videos, different photo formats, and rich storytelling that could be added and edited wherever they needed to. They also asked us to make the website look and feel great on all display sizes. We tweaked the base theme to make its responsiveness as high as possible. The mobile experience for Solar’s customers was significantly improved.


The refreshed version of the website is based on the Magento Luma theme, which will allow for further development and optimization of the website in terms of UX and website responsiveness. In turn, this makes our website very intuitive to use and looks perfect on the screen of every device. In an era with such a large development of eCommerce and when most of us make purchases using smartphones, this is crucial.

Marta Oleszak, eCommerce Manager at Solar Company S.A.


What did we achieve?

Significant growth in all areas of business

Square #2-3

Two months after the release of the new website, all the indicators of its effectiveness to drive sales improved compared to the period before the redesign. The client was satisfied because many eCommerce platforms experience negative outcomes that are usually caused by navigation problems after a redesign.

This usually leads to a higher bounce rate and a lower conversion rate. That’s what also happened to Solar after their first redesign in 2016. This time, the results were much better and the brand increased its profits thanks to a new website.

Within eight weeks, the conversion rate was boosted by more than 24%, revenue grew by more than 70%, and the number of transactions increased by more than 27%. It’s worth mentioning that this all happened during an unfavorable geopolitical and economic time.

However, the biggest success was the over 30% growth in mobile conversions, which was surprising since the increase in mobile traffic was only 1.5%. 

At the moment, mobile devices are the main source of traffic for the Solar website, which wouldn’t be possible if we hadn’t created a highly responsive design.


YoY revenue growth


Conversion rate increase


Growth in mobile conversions

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