SAP Spartacus: A PWA front end for SAP Commerce.

Build a modern storefront and discover complementary services for SAP composable storefront with Cloudflight.

About SAP composable storefront

What is this technology?

SAP composable storefront (previously known as SAP Spartacus) is a lean, Angular-based JavaScript storefront for SAP Commerce Cloud. It’s a set of Angular libraries that allows for rapid PWA storefront development for SAP Commerce. 

We built SAP Spartacus from scratch.
Upgradable and extendable

Designed to be upgradable
and maintain full extendability


Fully compliant with
PWA standards

Open source

Developed by SAP with huge community support


Uses the latest technology to keep technical debt low

Our SAP composable storefront implementation services

We have a variety of services to support you with B2C or B2B composable storefront implementation or migration from an Accelerator-based storefront.

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Full implemetation

This option is for you when you want us to take full responsibility for the user experience of your SAP Spartacus storefront. In such cases, we start with a discovery phase where we gather all the requirements. Next, we pass it to our product designers to prepare user interface designs. In the end, we take ownership of the implementation.

Maybe you know what you want to build, and you have your user interface design in place, but you don’t have the resources to implement it. We can cover the implementation process for you.


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Expert leasing

This option is for you if you have your own team but lack experience with implementing a composable storefront. We can dedicate our expert developers to lead your team to success.

You’ll need experts in headless development, composable solutions, and PWAs to get the most out of your implementation. Our team of experts will be able to work with their full efficiency from day one - this means a more precise timeline of the project.

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As an auditor, I’ve seen too many projects that failed and had to be restarted because of the lack of experience in SAP composable storefront. It hasn’t been a huge surprise to me because there aren’t many SAP Spartacus storefront specialists on the market yet.

Mateusz Ostafil, Technology Evangelist at Cloudflight

Check out our work


Spartacus demo

Check out the demo page built with SAP composable storefront and Commercebooster.


The story behind SAP Spartacus

SAP approached Cloudflight to discuss their needs and challenges with adding progressive web apps (PWAs) for its flagship product, SAP Commerce Cloud.


Creating a custom partner portal

Mirka needed to build a solid partner portal to keep the brand consistent and to communicate with its partners.

We’re core contributors to SAP Spartacus.

Cloudflight started working with SAP Spartacus from the beginning in 2017. Knowing it inside and out, we can help you adapt it for your needs and make sure your SAP Composable Storefront is performing at the top of its game.
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Don't stress, work with the best

As co-creators of SAP Spartacus storefront, now named SAP composable storefront, we know it inside out. We’d like to use that knowledge to support your storefront implementation. We already have a proven track record of successful projects and happy clients.

We want to change eCommerce for the better. We work hard to take our people, our clients, and the world around us to the next level.


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years of Spartacus implementation projects


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