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This eBook provides an exhaustive learning plan and business perspective to better understand SAP composable storefront (Spartacus).

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Business perspective

Explained by Piotr Karwatka,
former CTO and Co-founder of Divante

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Updated for 2023

At the end of 2022, SAP Spartacus became an official SAP product and was renamed "SAP Commerce Cloud, composable storefront.”

With the original release of our eBook in 2021, we decided that this was a good time to update the guide. The whole thing was rewritten, and some extra content was added:

  • What's the difference between Spartacus and composable storefront?
  • Updated links to resources.
  • A new place for the community.

Even if you have our previous version, it's still worth grabbing the new one.


What's inside?

Divante, as a core contributor to SAP Spartacus Storefront since 2017, has launched multiple SAP composable storefront services. One of them is Spartacus online training.

Mateusz Ostafil, former Technology Evangelist and Spartacus Trainer at Divante, has created and conducted Spartacus training for many companies and individuals. Together with Piotr Karwatka, Co-founder and Advisor at Divante, we decided to create the ultimate guide for those who want to start with SAP composable storefront.

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The authors

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Piotr Karwatka 

Piotr is the former CTO and Co-founder of Divante. Before starting Divante in 2008, he was already passionate about open source. He co-founded Vue Storefront, the open-source PWA front end for any eCommerce, which is based on Vue.js.

He's also Co-founder of Catch the Tornado, an eCommerce software startup studio, and Co-founder and Cohost of the CTO-CTO community and podcast.


Mateusz Ostafil
Mateusz Ostafil 

Mateusz is a former SAP Spartacus and composable storefront Technology Evangelist at Divante. He's an experienced technologist and business enthusiast who enjoys delving into various technologies and industries.

Mateusz, a natural-born mentor, shares his knowledge by promoting Spartacus Storefront through training, videos, eBooks, and blogs while leading implementation projects as a team leader.

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