SAP Spartacus Cookbook

Explore five tasty recipes for your SAP composable storefront and let us guide you through implementation, tooling setup, and performance optimization.

Group 355
60 pages

of advice and knowledge based on real experiences from developing Spartacus.

4 experts

from our Spartacus team, possessing firsthand experience and keeping abreast of industry best practices.

5 recipes

that will show you how to solve common problems with SAP composable storefront.

Group 354
20 instructions

based on our knowledge and filled with detailed descriptions and code examples to make your learning smoother.

A continuation of “The ultimate guide for starting with Spartacus”

Do you remember our previous eBook, “The ultimate guide to getting started with Spartacus?” "The Spartacus Cookbook" is the next step in this comprehensive learning plan. It’s created for those who want to get to know Spartacus better and start working with this modern front end.

If you missed the first release and you want to catch up, here’s your copy of “The Ultimate Guide to getting started with Spartacus.”


Don't wait any longer and get the "Spartacus Cookbook" eBook

We collected the most common problems that you’ll face when working with SAP composable storefront and grouped them into five recipes, or guides, for you. Each recipe is a set of practical tips and step-by-step instructions filled with graphics and recommended tools.


"The Spartacus documentation, even though well written, lacks a broader perspective and, more specifically, guides that show the feature implementation process and best practices. Now, after a few implementation projects, my team and I can share some solutions to common problems with you."

Mateusz Ostafil, former Technology Evangelist and Spartacus trainer at Divante

The authors


Kacper Knapik

Team Leader/Senior Front-end Developer at Divante

I enjoy creating big scale apps using Angular. Together with other folks at Divante, I was one of the first people to be involved in the creation of Spartacus. After a few years in the core team, I moved to Divante’s implementation team.

I’m a passionate PC gamer.



Adam Kaczmarczyk-modified
Adam Kaczmarek

Senior Front-end Developer at Divante

I’m a passionate software developer specializing in the front end, experienced in the back end, and in love with game development. I love to explore new technologies ranging from the web to the IoT and have fun with them.

If not coding, I’m probably wandering in the mountains.



Kacper Chara-modified
Kacper Chara

Senior Front-end Developer at Divante

I’m a guy absorbed by the front end who pays attention to details and a fan of clean and maintainable code. I’m always looking for the best solutions. I'm also a fan of Tailwind CSS and Angular framework.

I love to spend my free time actively, preferably outside, especially when the weather is great!



Mateusz Ostafil
Mateusz Ostafil

former Technology Evangelist/Spartacus Expert
at Divante

I love learning new things and then finding ways to pass this knowledge further in the most efficient way. Since 2019, I have been doing this mostly with Spartacus by providing training and consultations, and leading implementation teams.

I also enjoy cooking for my friends and family.


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