30+ podcasts on trends, tech, design, marketing and business in eCommerce

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While working in a fast-changing environment, like eCommerce, you might find it hard to find up-to-date books or learning materials. How do we do it? Podcasts that present first-hand experience from eCommerce, retail & tech experts. Here’s a list of our favorite shows!

Another way to keep up on all that’s going on in eCommerce would be to follow all significant eCommerce events, but our daily practice shows that’s kind of more complicated. It’s simply impossible to travel to all these amazing places at the same time. Luckily, often, key speakers and specialists also share their thoughts online, in blogs and podcasts. 

Here’s a list of our favorite, most valuable, and most inspiring podcasts, from tech and design topics, to marketing, business, and trends. Anyone working with eCommerce should know these and give them a listen.

30+ podcasts on eCommerce

We present all these awesome eCommerce podcasts in alphabetical order: 

# 2x eCommerce 

2X eCommerce is a series of eCommerce podcasts dedicated to listeners wanting to grow their metrics. Kunle Campbell, Ecommerce Growth Advisor and Customer Acquisition Expert at 2X eCommerce, chooses his guests based on their experience. Listen to their stories about increasing conversion rate, traffic, order value, and sales


# a16z podcast 

World-famous podcast by Andreessen Horowitz, puts himself in a founder’s shoes and discusses tech and culture trends in software-based companies.


# Above Avalon 

Podcast hosted by Neil Cybart presents unique insights and perspective in the world of Apple, showing different perspectives on the growth and impact of this global leader.


# Build as SaaS

Anyone interested in building Software as a Solution? Well, this podcast hosted by Jon and Justin is for you! These guys investigate stories of 37signals and other entrepreneurs, developers, and designers, who have launched their own web app.


# Commerce Corner 

Commerce Corner is a podcast hosted by Michael Peters, Head of Business Development at Arvato Supply Chain Solutions. Each episode is an interview with top national and international digital producers of major brands and retailers about eCommerce and digital business. Commerce Corner is the perfect place to hear about the latest strategies and tactics.


# Commerce Party

Podcast with musings on business and eCommerce. Show hosted by Quentin Montalto and Shipper HQ.


# Design Better Podcast by Invision

Mature podcast, hosted by Aarron Walter and Eli Woolery from Invision, discussing all matters related to designing digital products. 


# digital IQ 

Wanna meet the latest technologies, best apps, and the hottest startups on the market? The Digital IQ podcast will help you with that. Tu-Lam Pham, an expert in the field of digital business models, internet marketing and social media, will introduce you to the most exciting digital trends from Europe, the United States, and China.


# digital kompakt 

A combo podcast created by the restless trio: Alexander Graf (Kassenzone), Joel Kaczmarek (digital kompakt) and Jochen Krisch (Exciting Commerce) who discuss technologies and trends in eCommerce. All related topics are neatly organized in series like eCommerce Crossover, Innovate or die, Black Box: Tech, and others. Again, this podcast is created in German, but totally worth listening.


# eCommerce Braintrust

eCommerce Braintrust is a podcast hosted by Kiri Masters, who invites masters of building momentum online for world-class eCommerce brands. Together, they go through topics from building strategies in eCommerce, to trends and innovations in online sales.


# eCommerce Fuel 

Podcast in which Andrew Youderian and his guests present down to earth, actionable advice on building online eCommerce business.


# eCommerce MasterPlan

Hosted by Chloe Thomas, this podcast focuses on acquisition of new customers, improving retention, and success stories of global online retailers.


# eCommerce Talks

A podcast created with dedication for the eCommerce world. Its host, Marcos Bravo C., invites eCommerce experts from disrupting companies, like Zalando and Lampenwelt, to talk about the latest technologies, including cloud solutions, microservices and Progressive Web Apps. 


# Exchanges by Exciting Commerce

A podcast by Jochen Krisch and Marcel Weiß. Strongly related with Germany-based conference k5 and Exciting Commerce. The hosts of the show focuses on strategies, analysis and future-oriented business models in eCommerce. 


# Exponent 

A podcast about tech and society. The hosts, Ben Thompson (Stratechery) and James Allworth (author and HBR writer) have vivid discussions on the latest tech, successes and challenges of Microsoft, Google, Disney and other massive players, and changes in the global legal and trade landscape. 


# Fashion is your business 

Weekly podcast hosted by Rob Sanchez, Pavan Bahl, Marc Raco and Nataliya Makulova who invite the foremost guests and fashion pioneers from the industry. The show covers all topics on the intersection of fashion business and fashion technology.


# Fastbreyk 

After Commerce Corner, Dr. Armand Farsi, Head of DACH at Fanatics, started a new podcast series named Fastbreyk. From April this year, you can follow the stories of inspiring leaders in the digital industry, like Felix Kreyer, Managing Director of Digital Spike GmbH and Non-Executive Divante Board Member.


# Future Commerce

If you’re looking for everything on what’s new and what’s next in eCommerce, this podcast is definitely for you. The show’s hosts (Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange) dive into cutting-edge, next generation technology and strategies for modern eCommerce brands.


# Kassenzone 

An amazing podcast, and blog also, created by Alexander Graf, author of The eCommerce Book, who launched it in 2008. Kassenzone (Eng. The Checkout Zone) focuses on online business models in eCommerce and companies that make the change of ecosystems. The blog and podcasts are available in German, but you can find the best picks also in English


# Land of the giants

Recorded by Vax, this podcast focuses on the doings of Amazon and how this global giant impacts our daily lives and business. From Prime and HQ2, the growing adoption of smart speakers and home cameras, to the growing scrutiny of Amazon’s power.


# Le WimLex Show

A podcast series in which Alexander Graf (Hamburg), Willem Blom (Amsterdam) and Lena Hackelöer (Stockholm) invite commerce gurus to talk over fresh commerce models and innovative growth opportunities.

# MageTalks

Podcast by Magento, hosted by Philip Jackson and Kalen Jordan, who guide their audience through changes in the world of Magento, one of the largest eCommerce platforms, but also through the landscape of eCommerce related topics.


# Online Marketing Rockstars 

Hosted by Philipp Westermeyer, this podcast goes inside the minds of the biggest names in digital trends, online marketing and eCommerce. 


# Pivot

The biggest stories in tech, business and politics presented by Kara Swisher & Shott Galloway, who make bold predictions on the winners and losers of the future.


# PPC Advertising Mastery

Podcast brought by Amazon and hosted by Ad Badger. Together with Michael , they present tips and tricks to optimize ad campaigns on Amazon, and not only. This podcast is useful for any seller looking for and edge.


Reinventing retail

# Reinventing retail 

Reinventing Retail is a podcast where hosts look at retail’s future through interviews that explore emerging retail technology, shifting consumer demands, and the increasing importance of the shopper experience.


# Retail gets real

One of very few podcasts run by a global association. In this podcast, the National Retail Federation gets into insightful conversations with retail executives, industry experts, entrepreneurs and influencers to talk over the future of retail.


# Retail Rebels Podcasts

A great conversational podcast covering any retail-related topics, from strategies in retail to latest trends. Hosted by Ben Nowlan, Sukie Thomson and Finlay Mure from OmniCX.


# Retail Sound Bites

Podcast from Kantar, which tracks and forecasts over 1300 retailers globally and 200 million shoppers. In this show, you will find insights from the latest studies and publications.


# Shop Tech Talks

Technical podcast hosted by Roman Zenner from commercetools. In the podcast, you can dive into all the technical aspects of online sales and behind the scenes stories from Douglas, MediaSaturn and others.


# Something digital 

Podcast with a bit of a different, and yet powerful, perspective. Hosted by Phillip Jackson, this podcast is created in a merchants-for-merchants spirit and tackles topics like innovations and strategies in B2B, D2C.


# Startup notes

Content for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Real stories and applicable advice for starting innovative companies.


# Story of a brand

Stories behind eCommerce brands, products and people with amazing stories and authenticity loved by customers and building strong relations with them.


# The Bright Ideas eCommerce

In his show, Trent Dyrsmid talks with proven entrepreneurs and shares exact tactics and strategies for online sellers, from cash flow management best practices and advanced SEO tactics, to building eCommerce Micro-brands portfolio.


# The Jason & Scot Show 

A weekly podcast about the eCommerce industry. A show hosted by two industry veterans, Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at Publicis Communications, and Scot Wingo, Founder and Executive Chairman of ChannelAdvisor who get into interviews with industry leaders, deep dives into key topics, and latest news.


# The Retail Focus podcast 

A retail oriented podcast covering the latest news, trends and interviews with industry leaders. Focuses on the U.S. market.


# This is product management

This podcast, delivered by Alpha, lets you learn directly from the brightest minds in product management. Along with its host, Mike Fishbein, you can tap into topics from accelerating innovations, validating growth opportunities, and decreasing user retention to transferring excitement in the product management.


#This week in startups by Jason Calacanis 

Probably the oldest podcast on our list, with over 1400 episodes, it presents the most interesting stories of tech startups and the tech industry. Hosted by the one-of-a-kind Jason Calacanis. 


OK, these are our picks. Feel free to share your favorite podcasts or blogs in the comments.

And, well, find some quiet place to read or get your headphones out and start absorbing know-how from the world’s best eCommerce practitioners.

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Published September 15, 2019