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How small countries are leveling up with global eCommerce

Thomas Leskowsky is Head of Community Management at A-Commerce, a company specializing in strategic consultancy and strengthening the eCommerce community in Austria. Host: Marcos Bravo C.

Personalisation, AI and the data-driven approach in eCommerce

Matthaus is Head of Global Enterprise and Business Development at Nosto, one of the leading providers of personalization solutions. Based in Finland, the company moved its focus from European to global markets in the past years. Matthaus observed with fascination the diverse behaviours of users in Europe and the U.S., and matches them with different approaches of companies using personalization. Host: Marcos Bravo C.

From a startup to a global leader with the headless approach

Marcus Lorenz joined Lampenwelt in 2014, when this rising star of eCommerce had only three people on board, headquarters in the owner's garage and was selling its products on eBay. Since then, Lampenwelt has achieved amazing success and makes over EUR 100 million in revenue. Host: Marcos Bravo C.

Growing eCommerce business with microservices and cloud solutions

Roman Zenner, industry analyst from commercetools and author of Tech Shop Blog, is the guest of this episode of eCommerce Talks. Along with our host, Marcus Bravo C. they discuss tools for expanding eCommerce in terms of both business and technology. Host: Marcos Bravo C.

Blockers and failures of digital transformations in eCommerce

This time at eCommerce Talks, we host Martin Himmel, a consultant and Managing Partner at ecom Consulting GmBH, to talk about digital transformations, their major blockers, and companies that failed in the transition from the offline to online worlds. Host: Marcos Bravo C.

The impact of microservices on eCommerce

Interview with Sander Mangel - Chief of Technology at Vue Storefront and famous for being a long-time Magento Master. Being in eCommerce for over 12 years, Sander has gained amazing experience as a developer, tech lead and now as an evangelist of modern technologies. Host: Marcos Bravo C.

Taking a retail brand to a worldwide phenomenon

Interview with Dr. Felix Kreyer - former VP of Markets at Zalando, Managing Director of Digital Innovations at Marc O’Polo and founder of Digital Spike. Host: Marcos Bravo C.

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