Headless loyalty solution for your company

Open Loyalty provides a set of flexible building blocks for developing personalized loyalty programs. It’s a headless solution for global brands that want to achieve success when it comes to customer retention.


Open Loyalty is the #1 headless API-driven loyalty system that allows companies to launch loyalty campaigns they need and manage them at scale.

You can integrate the platform with any customer-facing application including eCommerce, mobile apps, digital e-kiosks, and others. It helps to create a unique and personalized user experience at each of the channels. Open Loyalty also includes an admin panel built for marketers to easily access customer information, lunch target campaigns, and manage rewards without any tech support.

Open Loyalty can help you execute your loyalty program strategy fast, customize it to your needs, and make it grow together with your business.

The system allows you to pick the features you are interested in, and we create a complete solution for you. Thanks to components and headless approach, every loyalty program based on Open Loyalty is unique and perfectly synchronized with your business.

Divante = your partner in Open Loyalty customization

From the initial idea to the final product, we can offer support in your loyalty program implementation.

Open Loyalty is a spin-off company from Divante, which means we know the product like no one else. That’s why the Divante team is the best possible partner for custom implementation projects based on Open Loyalty.

We can guarantee excellent service. Our experts will handle preparations, design, development, testing, maintenance, and everything that might occur during the implementation of the custom loyalty program. We will find the best solutions to all your needs and pains, so in the end, you can have the perfect platform that will support sales, increase customer loyalty, transform one-time buyers into regulars, and help you scale your business.

Open Loyalty implementations we did

Check out our clients’ success stories and how trusting Divante and Open Loyalty changed their business:


Leading Australian insurance company

They needed a tailor-made loyalty engine that could be quickly implemented on their on-premise servers for data protection. We managed to build a dedicated loyalty system customized for the client’s needs in just three months. The scope of the project was extended, and we continue our collaboration ever since.


US-based major fuel brand

They wanted to update their system engine. The company needed a strong, robust base to make sure they could create modern solutions that would keep up with the evolving market. Open Loyalty caught their eye because it has all the needed features and could be customized to meet their requirements.

Check out how Open Loyalty looks on the inside!


Open Loyalty is definitely different from other loyalty solutions. This headless, API-first system is highly scalable, flexible, and functional. Here are the main benefits your company can get by choosing Open Loyalty over other providers:


On-premise or cloud-based hosting for the highest level of control, security, and performance.

A plethora of loyalty program features to pick from for achieving the best possible results that your customers expect.

Customization when it comes to design, functionalities, backend, and other components of the solution.


API-first approach for seamless integrations with external and internal systems like CRM, marketing automation, or POS.

Scalability incomparable to other similar solutions on the market, able to handle millions of users.


Support for running loyalty programs in all kinds of touchpoints like mobile applications, eCommerce, POS, e-kiosks,  chatbots, and much more.

The curated process to offer quick time-to-market, optimized cost, and insight into every stage of collaboration.

Maintenance services and the know-how to help you quickly learn how to operate with your new loyalty program.

Shorter development and implementation time thanks to a solid base

Open Loyalty is a trusted solution that helps you kickstart your loyalty platform fast. You don’t have to develop it from scratch. Use a trusted base solution and customize it with a trusted partner like Divante to get exactly what you need. This system resolves the long-time conflict: is it better to buy or build?

Flexible building blocks that support any loyalty program mechanics

Have you heard of headless software architecture? Apps that are based on it have separated frontend and backend layers. We believe that betting on systems constructed this way is the best way to achieve robust, scalable results with an excellent customer experience. Open Loyalty utilizes this approach in the best possible way. It allows developers to use ready-made blocks and build highly-customized solutions with them.

The world’s most robust loyalty program API to connect with any system and touchpoint

Platforms built on API connections tend to be more efficient and resilient when it comes to significant traffic loads. Instead of buying a premade solution, you can create a loyalty platform that integrates with the best available providers to achieve the highest quality of service adjusted precisely to your business requirements. Result? Robust, multi-functional loyalty programs for your clients.

Open Loyalty Language to cover any loyalty program use case

The Open Loyalty team has created an innovative language used for creating campaigns, achievements, segments, and promotions across the product. It’s the core of this product that provides incredible flexibility when it comes to defining various conditions and effects. Thanks to it, our platform can be used for different loyalty needs, and it always delivers the best possible experience for the clients that get in touch with your brand.

Companies that use Open Loyalty

See all Open Loyalty case studies

“We chose Open Loyalty because of three reasons. First, their robust loyalty engine simply fits our expectations and covers all our business requirements. Next, with Open Loyalty’s API-first approach, we could minimize challenges during the integration process. The result was that we could quickly enrich existing systems with the new loyalty program features. Last but not least, Open Loyalty’s team provided us with great support. They helped us with the setup of the loyalty program and also in maintaining the highest safety standards.”

Mohamed El Shareef
Warba Bank

"We migrated to use Open Loyalty because it provides the business and technical flexibility needed by an enterprise-sized company like ours. With the Open Loyalty integration framework, we could match the loyalty engine with our custom needs."

Karen Shen
“Our loyalty strategy has been to understand why our consumers like ALDO and develop perks, rewards and dynamics that enhance their experience of the brand. (...) The Open Loyalty solution allows us a lot of flexibility in building these dynamics and delivering a strong experience for our consumers"
Thomas Archer Bata
ALDO Group

Benefits of Open Loyalty


Product trusted by big players

Quick to implement, flexible, and scalable are the unique traits of OL that make it the #1 loyalty provider on the market. Enterprises that work with thousands of clients daily trust Open Loyalty, because it’s a robust solution that can handle complex programs.


MACH architecture for customization

Headless, API-first architecture means you can create various loyalty programs based on your business goals and customers’ needs. Every part can be in-tune with your business in terms of design and communication. You get full control over every aspect of loyalty.


Faster and cheaper than building from scratch

Building loyalty platforms from scratch can be complicated and time-consuming because it's software with complex logic. Bet on trusted solutions tested by other companies to achieve your goals. Open Loyalty integrates with other apps from your tool stack to create your perfect internal work environment.


Why should Divante be your Open Loyalty implementation partner?

You probably wonder why you should work with Divante on your next loyalty program solution and trust Open Loyalty to be its core. Here’s what we can offer:

On the market for over 14 years

Our expertise is broad, as we’ve been collaborating with various clients for so many years. We know each one of them has different needs.

You can count on us when it comes to technological and business recommendations.

Inclusive collaboration

At Divante, the client is our partner that actively participates in the project with their knowledge about the industry, customers, competition, and other details that can be crucial to your loyalty program’s success.

With us, you can be sure you will achieve your goals.

Open Loyalty place of birth

We are the pioneers when it comes to headless loyalty programs. We’ve created a highly adjustable and scalable platform that can be implemented with the individual needs of a particular company in mind. 

Thanks to components and customization, every Open Loyalty project is unique and perfectly synchronized with your business.

We are your trustworthy Open Loyalty partner

Talk to our specialists and find out how we can customize Open Loyalty to your expectations. Become the market leader, outrun the competition, and gain your customers’ affection with your unique loyalty solution!

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