Accessibility guide
for eCommerce owners

Enhance your online store's customer experience and prepare for the upcoming European Accessibility Act.

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Over 40 pages

With everything you need
to know about accessibility

Best practices

To implement accessibility to make Google’s algorithms love your site

European Accessibility Act

Discover the regulations which will come into force in June 2025

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Accessibility health check

A quick guide to verify if your eCommerce is accessible

What's inside

This eBook covers the importance of accessibility for digital products, starting with its historical background and why it is essential for some and valuable for everyone. It highlights how accessibility affects aging populations and the different levels of accessibility according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). It's also explores the legal aspects of accessibility and the changing relationship between accessibility, UX design, and writing.

It provides insights into the semantic structure of the code and shares tips on how to implement accessibility to make Google’s algorithms love your site, create an accessible website, and verify the accessibility of your live product. Overall, this eBook provides a comprehensive understanding of the importance of accessibility for digital products and the steps to achieve it.

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Who is it for?

We focus primarily on people and what accessibility means for them. This is meant for those who run digital products or online stores and, on the other hand, their customers.

However, if you’re just wondering what accessibility is or you’re working as a product designer and striving to have the results of your daily grind more accessible to users, this is also for you.

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