Let’s unlock growth for your eCommerce

Explore three scenarios for decomposing and migrating eCommerce architecture based on real-world experience and battle-tested strategies.

Group 3-1
22 pages

of real-world scenarios, strategies, and pitfalls outlined in four chapters.

4 common pain points

of monolithic implementations explained.

Group 20-2
3 scenarios

with not just an overview but also a practical roadmap for each strategy. 

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2 eCommerce experts

who deal with composable commerce every day.

How can this eBook help you with decomposing and migrating your eCommerce?

For every eCommerce business, there comes a time when the existing architecture is no longer sufficient, and a pivotal decision must be made to unlock further growth. Such changes aren’t easy.

While smaller companies can change their technical foundations relatively quickly, enterprises face a more complex challenge. We want to help you overcome that, show the process itself, and then identify the main challenges you need to be aware of.

Inside you’ll find four chapters that will take you from the prerequisites and reasons for change through the change process itself. All this knowledge is based on experience from over 1,400 projects we’ve delivered for companies all around the world.

We created this eBook to share our experience with migrating major eCommerce projects. It will help you make informed decisions, mitigate risks, maximize agility, and get ready for a seamless decomposition and migration process. 


The authors


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Sebastian Szczepański

Engineering Director at Cloudflight

I have experience in software development, engineering, and project management, with a specialization in eCommerce and web technologies. Proficient in Node.js, JavaScript, and TypeScript, I have successfully taken on roles as a scrum master, developer, and software architect.



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Michał Frydrych

Business Analysis Manager at Cloudflight

I'm a senior business analyst with over 15 years of experience in business and system analysis, solution design, software development, project management, and agile methodologies.


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