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The must-have guide for new projects
you’re starting on commercetools’ platform.

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30+ pages

Filled with knowledge based
on real-life success stories

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Foreword by Kelly Goetsch

Chief Strategy Officer
at commercetools

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eCommerce architecture

Presented with a high-res diagram

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infrastructure overview

An in-depth look at
an AWS-based solution

It's time to change

There’s no doubt that headless, microservices-based, and cloud-native architecture has changed eCommerce software for good.

We’d like to start a discussion with this eBook and draft the reference architecture for deployments with commercetools. It's not a full overview of all available options, but rather a quick win. It's a solid and recommended boilerplate for new projects you’re starting on commercetools' platform.

More than that, it’s meant to show you the right direction to take for your own research and experimentation.


What's inside?

This eBook will introduce you to the idea of composable commerce and present a blueprint architecture that’ll be an entry point for your research. It includes the step-by-step analysis of a blueprint that explores commercetools’ features and various elements of composable architecture.

We’ll discuss everything from content management systems (CMS) and product information management (PIM) solutions through various composable services and unified front ends
for your eCommerce.

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“Reference architecture for commercetools” was created by Divante, one of our premier partners, to guide you in selecting the right best-in-class components to transform
your digital commerce.

"This detailed eBook takes you through the steps necessary to break free from your legacy platform and paves the way for you to migrate to composable commerce architecture, an environment that provides the freedom to create the bespoke experiences customers want today and the foundation to support whatever the future may bring."

Kelly Goetsch, Chief Strategy Officer at commercetools

The authors

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Piotr Karwatka 

Piotr is the former CTO and Co-founder of Divante. Before starting Divante in 2008, he was already passionate about open source. He cofounded Vue Storefront, the open-source PWA front end for any eCommerce, which is based on Vue.js.

He's also Co-founder of Catch the Tornado, an eCommerce software startup studio, and Co-founder and Cohost of the CTO-CTO Community and Podcast.


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Bartosz Picho 

Bartosz is the former Engineering Director at Divante and a one-man army for solving problems that require a deep and practical understanding of business and technology.

He's the co-author of many eBooks about composable commerce with over 20 years of experience empowering global eCommerce brands with solutions built on Magento, Shopware, and others.

Partner of the eBook


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