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Everything you need to know about the PIM software

A product information management (PIM) platform, such as Pimcore, is a game-changer for any product-based company. It simplifies business operations, streamlines processes and lowers the cost of managing product information. 

In this publication, we go over the basics of PIM software and show how it impacts companies’ operations and costs. We take a closer look at 14 industries that, based on our experience and market observations, have the biggest potential to transform their business with PIM. For each of these industries, we will describe industry-specific benefits and share case studies on how companies leveraged the features of Pimcore to reduce costs and improve their PIM. 

The main purpose of this PIM bible is to help you to find a success story that relates to your specific industry. It will show you how companies like yours leveraged Pimcore in their operations. Over 100,000 businesses already use Pimcore. We picked 42 cases and grouped them by industry. Hopefully, you’ll find one of those chapters describing the one you’re in. You may even find one of your competitors on the list.


Industries we worked with

Automotive Construction Education Electronics Fashion
FMCG Finance Heavy machinery Home and decor Manufacturing
Media and publishing Pharmacy Real estate Retail Wholesale



PIM software transforms various industries. It can serve as a conduit between the market’s demands and the company's need for revenue generation and overall growth. In recent years, we've handled multiple successful Pimcore projects that resulted in major savings for our clients. We join forces with Pimcore in this eBook to share this experience with you.

Tomasz Cyrek, eCommerce and Digital Transformation Business Consultant at Cloudflight

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