Problem defining

Every great project starts from a clever assumption or a sharp initial insight. Thoughtfully analyzing and defining the problems will get you plenty of those.

It's a perfect foundation to find an innovative angle to solve problems and build a brilliant product.

Where to start?

Let's start from scratch. Once we learn more about your needs, we’ll be able to help you properly define the scope and goals for your project. You can take advantage of our experience that has been refined on over 1,000 eCommerce projects.

You’ll get a clear vision and common goal for all your efforts along with a way to reach your targets efficiently.

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We'll help you build a clear vision for your service or product. You can use our skills to define its competitive advantage, set up the correct targets, and make sure you're on the right track.


Not sure how are things going with your project and how far you are from your goal? Our experts can audit your project and map all its strengths and weaknesses. We'll be your eyes and ears backed by a hefty dose of expertise in eCommerce tech.

  • UX/UI audit

    Sometimes a small change in User Experience can contribute to major income growth. Let's check your website and see how we can give it a boost.

  • CX audit

    Customer experience is the essence of eCommerce. It can make or break your online shop. Let's see how your customers feel when they enter your site.

  • Code audit

    Clean, fast, and secure code is what the best players aim for. We'll make sure your tech is perfectly polished.

  • eCommerce audit

    Our team can inspect your paid channels, email marketing, and SEO. You’ll be sure that you spend your budget in the most effective way.

  • SEO audit

    Search engine optimization is a delicate subject. Misguided efforts with SEO can easily bring you the opposite of the results you’re looking for. We’ll make sure you’re on the right path.

Do you need your solution to fit the market like a glove? We'll carry out complete research to help you understand the market environment and find a proper place for your product or service.


Workshops are our forte. We know how to unlock creativity and forge it into a clear and actionable vision.

  • Product design

    We can guide you all the way from an ambiguous product idea to a precise set of features and designs that are ready for development.

    Learn more about product design
  • Product discovery

    You can define your vision with our Innovation Lab. It’s an outstanding R&D squad that builds concepts for products with the technologies of tomorrow.

    Learn more about Innovation Lab

Marketing services

Marketing is the key to unlocking the full potential of your product or service. There are plenty of potential users of your solution out there. Let's discover the right way to reach them.

  • SEO & SEM

    Search engines are an excellent lever to drive valuable traffic to your website.

  • Marketing analytics

    Let's dive into your data and dashboards to understand your customers, find actionable insights, and optimize your strategy.

  • Google Tag Manager and Analytics implementations

    It’s now enough to simply have Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics attached to your site. They’re both powerful tools that can be a robust source of eCommerce insights if you implement them properly.


Need a fresh eye and insights from the experts? We'll be happy to talk through your project and support you whether you need just a second opinion or complex guidance.

  • Health check

    Is your business going well? What can you improve? Is your product development on the right track? We can answer all those questions for you.

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