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70% increase in conversion rate with a new eCommerce shop implementation

Yope is one of the most recognized Polish brands. They make natural, eco-friendly, and vegan beauty and cleaning products. Their eCommerce presence needed a boost, so they asked Divante to create a new version of their online shop that would utilize innovative functionalities and stun their clients with a visually pleasing design.




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UX and UI design

Magento to Shopware migration


Health and beauty


Why were we asked to help?

Elevating a popular eCommerce store


For a couple of years, Polish company Yope has been conquering the market with their natural, vegan, and ecological products for home and beauty.

The brand, created by a married couple, achieved enormous success and is now available online and in supermarkets and drugstores. A wide range of shower gels, body lotions, creams, shampoos, cleaning supplies, and more became widely recognizable because of their signature packaging with bold drawings of animals.

When they came to us to build a new online store, we knew it had to be a unique but straightforward product that Yope’s clients would appreciate. The target audience expected a modern shop with a clean but aesthetic design, an intuitive purchasing process, and impeccable user experience (UX). It was time for an upgrade from Magento 2 to something more innovative and advanced.

Because eCommerce has been a growing trend for several years now, we also had to create a solution available for customers using web and mobile devices. Giving people convenient choices regarding their shopping habits is the best way to gain more loyal clients and grow revenue.


How did we tackle the tech?

One PWA to sell them all


We decided to take advantage of the progressive web app (PWA) approach and implement Shopware 6 as the central eCommerce system. By doing so, we could prepare mobile-first software with responsive web design to complement each other.

This also gives clients the possibility to purchase Yope products wherever they are and whenever they want to. High-quality customer experience with the website and the mobile app were priorities in this project.


Another goal we had to acknowledge was providing visually appealing UX and user interface (UI) design. Yope has a certain image they want to celebrate, and their digital appearance had to correspond with that.

Implementing eye-catching animations and aesthetic, colorful images make the brand stand out from the competition and give it a fresh, modern look that Yope was looking for. Combined with a fast checkout feature that makes the purchasing process seamless, the solution Divante made provides the brand with a solid online presence that is in harmony with Yope’s mission and values.


The project was divided into phases with particular goals in mind. The analysis stage helped us to better understand the business and the concept behind the new eCommerce store. We also prepared a list of necessary plugins for Shopware 6 and the documentation for the upcoming production phase.

After that, it was time for the UX/UI design part. We brought usability and aesthetics together but also made sure everything didn’t consume too much of the budget or delay the estimated time to market. Finally, the software was implemented. We migrated customers and their orders from Magento 2 to a new platform and optimized it to make sure everything worked even better than before.

Yope’s requirements were broad but specific. That’s why we had to work smart and look for solutions that would meet the company’s goals but not compromise the quality. For instance, Shopware’s PWA is still a relatively new product, so we had to cooperate with the core PWA team to fix problems we stumbled upon.
Also, PWAs are not supported very well by Apple. Since many of Yope’s customers use iPhones to purchase their products, we had to customize the app so that it would work superbly on Apple’s devices.
Without a doubt, we can now tell that we created the pixel-perfect software product that Yope was looking for. Their focus on visuals was quite strong, and they wanted the PWA to look and work exactly the same on all devices.
Although it was challenging, we worked hard to achieve this goal and created a flawless UX and UI that presents products in a friendly way and promotes a convenient online shopping experience.




YOPE is the creator of naturally extraordinary cosmetics and Divante has implemented a naturally extraordinary technology for us. The process of implementing pioneering technologies is always full of surprises that we have experienced with Shopware 6 and PWA Vue Storefront. Divante rose to the occasion by providing us with an ultra-fast platform, the conversion of which increased by over 70% year on year.

Marcin Wysocki, Head of Digital at Yope and Maciej Dulski, Chief Digital Officer at Yope


What did we achieve?

A challenge makes success even more satisfying

Short time to market can be an obstacle, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team kept up with Shopware 6 standards to make sure it didn’t lengthen the production process.

However, we still customized the software to the extent necessary for achieving the project’s requirements. All went according to plan, and the release was successful.

Now, Yope has a user-friendly PWA online store that supports further digitalization of their business. It’s an investment in their future, their customers’ satisfaction, and revenue growth.

With such a modern presence, they can still promote their values and sell products that are good for people and the world. The collaboration with Divante continues because the company wants to enter other markets and optimize their sales process even further.

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Increase in conversion rate


Increase in desktop coversion rate


Increase in mobile conversion rate


Decrease in time to first byte

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