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A new eCommerce platform for revenue growth

ikarus is a leading German retailer of designer furniture, lighting, and interior design elements. They wanted a makeover of their online store to adapt to the current customer requirements. The company also needed to freely expand their product range, which their past shop didn’t allow. They received an online store that perfectly matched their expectations.




Discovery phase

Product development






Why were we asked to help?

Making a new eCommerce platform at speed.


ikarus was founded in 1993 by Volker Hohmann and is one of Germany’s most recognizable designer furniture, lighting, and interior design retailers.

For many years, its activity was based on a catalog sales model with two brick-and-mortar stores in Frankfurt and Stuttgart. The now-iconic ikarus catalog first appeared in newsstands in 1994. From an initial print run of 100,000, the print run grew to 650,000. The catalog is still very popular today.

In 1997, ikarus set up its first online store, so it was one of the first dispatch dealers with its own homepage. From an initially small selection of products at that time, now the complete assortment of more than 20,000 products is available online and can be ordered immediately. 

With dynamically changing customer needs and a goal to expand and improve their online store, the ikarus team needed to set up something that would meet their customers’ high expectations. They needed a new eCommerce platform that would scale quickly, support different languages, and allow for undisturbed future growth.

ikarus asked Divante for help with that because the company needed a partner who could ensure transparency in the process and deliver the project in an ultra-short timeframe.


How did we tackle the tech?

Introducing a quick recovery plan.

The project started in October 2021. The previous ikarus store was based on Magento. Since we were given a free hand to approach the technology, we decided to start from scratch and began with a scoping session.


Defining the challenges and changing the approach to the tech

Due to the requirements, the Divante team suggested moving to Shopware 6. Why Shopware? We chose this technology because of the speed of implementation, the simplicity of the solution, and because it matched the client’s requirements perfectly.

We could also already define the biggest difficulties and challenges. They included the integration of the newly built platform with custom solutions on the customer side and with other already existing external systems.


Full transparency in action

The project started with workshops along with an analysis of the existing store. We successfully specified the needs, requirements, and sales offer. Next, for three to four weeks, we prepared the documentation and defined the introduction of new solutions. Then came the implementation period.

Throughout this time, the most crucial thing was to maintain transparency and guarantee that the client would be taken care of according to their needs. The implementation took place in two-week sprints. Each one was finished with a demo presentation to keep the client up to date at every stage.

After every iteration, we provided a report with the budget, hours worked, and planned goals to complete by the next iteration. The creative process took a substantive approach, and the client became an engaged part of the team.


Testing phase

In February, we moved on to the testing phase. During this stage, the client made a lot of comments about functionality and design. They wanted to refine the front-end layer and work on the communication with external systems, especially with the marketing platform. In the meantime, the team was reduced in order to not lose efficiency and to stay progressive.

The store was launched in May when everything was done and ready for release.

This multi-dimensional project required a lot of work and came with many challenges, including a short time to market. We developed several integrations because their stock is constantly changing, and their business needed access to all of their external sources.
The Divante team also took care of marketing and analytics tools so the company would be able to oversee their operations and make better decisions in the future. Another important eCommerce-related functionality we had to take care of were payment gates, and this part of the work was also successful.
From an MVP to a robust eCommerce platform, ikarus’ online presence was saved and is now better than ever. They can promote their products, increase sales, reach out to new clients, and grow their business even more.
That’s always what companies want to achieve, and the example of ikarus shows they shouldn’t give up, no matter what issues they stumble upon along the way. With Divante, ikarus achieved their goals and could maintain a strong business partnership.

"The cooperation with Divante was efficient and focused. Although the implementation time was very short, we were able to achieve a high degree of completion at the time we went live. The transfer to a high-level process of continuous improvement was also implemented very well."

Tanja Wilberg, eCommerce Director at ikarus


If they can’t find it, they can’t buy it

For users at ikarus, search is at the epicenter on the path to purchase and the main input to “talk” to the online store. Making use of the long-lasting technology partnership with Findologic, Divante took care of implementing their search platform. 

  1. Divante made use of Findologic's native Shopware 6 Plugin that acts as an API. With the speed of implementation critical for this project, Shopware and Divante were able to connect its users with a best-of-breed product discovery platform in no time. 

  2. While using the latest version of Assisted Suggest, users are directly inspired and guided with product recommendations as soon as they interact with ikarus’ search bar. Since the online store is completely mobile-first, users also benefit from the frictionless suggest overlay on smartphones, including native voice assistance.

  3. Did-you-mean functionality was implemented, so unsuccessful searches are avoided just because a customer made a typo.

  4. Findologic’s filter navigation now delivers more manageable results and a slicker, less clunky interface on all devices. Users directly benefit from seamless connection to the most relevant products, with fewer touchpoints, instead of scrolling through endless results.


What did we achieve?

From MVP to a robust eCommerce platform.

First of all, we wanted to become a reliable and trustworthy partner for ikarus. They needed a vendor with a transparent process, clear partnership rules, and honest communication.

Quality management was our priority in this project, and cooperation with the ikarus team was highly focused and productive. We achieved all the business priorities and goals, which gave us the highest net promoter score (NPS), a nine (promoter) out of 10, throughout the history of our partnership.

The conversion rate after the platform was launched increased by almost 21% when comparing year-to-year. The average session duration also grew by 4.39%. On top of that, in a year-to-year calculation, ikarus grew its revenue by more than 11%.

"ikarus is a company that shows a great difference between a business partnership and service. Over those seven months, we were able to develop a great level of trust, communication, transparency, and cooperation, which now results in a great product of a successful eCommerce platform."

- Greg Bandurowski, eCommerce Development Director at Divante S.A.


Increase in conversion rate


Growth in revenue


Average session duration growth

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