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Digitalization is the dream of many B2B companies. Regardless of what many management boards think, it will not ruin your entire sales structure and it will boost your sales and establish your actions as innovative. If the implementation of a full B2B platform is too much, you can extend what you have rather than building a completely new sales channel. Sales Meeting Hub is the right tool; it increases your sales capabilities and brings the same marked value as Sales Automation did for your business.

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The intermediate step of digitizing B2B

At Divante Innovation Lab, we looked for some solution that would allow sales forces to keep undisrupted contact with their clients while introducing them to online shopping processes freshly implemented in their businesses.

We were looking for a connection that mirrors the in-person interaction that happens in brick and mortar stores or at a face-to-face meeting. The idea is to create a solution that maintains close contact with a customer, builds full transparency in the shopping process, and creates opportunities to show additional products.

We came up with an idea of combining traditional commerce with a video conversation, also making it the first step of online shopping or an extension of existing eCommerce solutions.

Video chat is a form of communication that many of us know from private situations but, this time, instead of connecting with our friends, we talk with a business partner. By seeing the emotions and body language of the conversation partner, a salesperson can easily adjust the way of communication to the situation. On the other hand, the customer sees an expert with whom he is speaking and finds it easier to express his thoughts and needs. This is the element that many of us lack in online shopping.

This element became a base of our idea, as well as the opening of the shopping process as we connected it with an interactive shopping cart that customers and salespeople fill in as they talk. We named it the Sales Meeting Hub.

Sales Meeting Hub

What is the Sales Meeting Hub?

Sales Meeting Hub is a simple solution to communicate online with customers that connect with a complex ecosystem of eCommerce solutions. On the customer side, it is easy to use video-chat that helps to summarize consultation with a salesperson and buy products. A link to this video-chat can be obtained on a website, via email or in short messages and it works without any installation on mobile and desktop devices (thanks to Progressive Web Apps, which you can learn more about here). 

It also enables a set of powerful sales tools – like product presentation, in-chat videos, access to order history, stock availability, and delivery management – that a salesperson can use while talking to the customer to answer all requests of the client and construct an offer adjusted to his needs. This process is very close to the actual product ordering in a brick-and-mortar store or warehouse.

Let’s take a look at this process step by step.

Sales consultation and shopping in Sales Meeting Hub

Sales Meeting Hub creates a very natural process that emulates a face-to-face sales conversation in which the client and sales representative meet on a virtual call. The sales representative presents a digital version of the product catalog and collects orders from the client. 

Step 1: online site

The user visits the company’s online site and sees video-call as a recommended communication method. He requests a meeting at a certain time and, in return, receives a personal invitation, via text message or email, from the sales representative.


Step 2: video-chat

The customer and sales consultant enter the Sales Meeting Hub. They start a conversation, consult possible solutions, and pick the right products. Together, they construct an order list in a chat window. The salesperson can propose different product sets and variants, offer upgrades and discounts, and address any doubts from the customer. At the end of this step, both sides can confirm the order.


Step 3: order management

The order from the Sales Meeting Hub is handled by the company’s existing sales automation systems. The customer receives confirmation of the new order via email or text message and can check delivery details and track the order. 


Construction of the Sales Meeting Hub

Perhaps the greatest feature of the Sales Meeting Hub is its construction, which allows us to leverage it with any existing B2B system, no matter if this is an ERP system, a Product Information Management system, or a fully-functioning eCommerce platform. 

Our simple video-call is the start of not only a complete purchase; it can actually be part of complex trade conditions, discount possibilities, payment methods, or even loyalty programs.


How can B2B companies benefit from the Sales Meeting Hub?

Implementation of the Sales Meeting Hub is relatively simple; by adding it to existing infrastructure, B2B companies gain much more than just a video-chat feature. 

The key benefit of the Sales Meeting Hub is an extension of traditional human to human interaction in the online sales process. Visual contact between partners helps them to build closer connections, better understand mutual needs, and make a satisfactory deal.

With an order list created together in the chat, the customer has full transparency of the shopping process and understanding of all possible options. At the same time, a chat window can be used to present additional details of the product or cross- and up-selling.

Companies gain an extra sales channel, which is an intermediary step between traditional and online sales. It can be a significant element of the onboarding process for new online customers and a strong encouragement to continue online shopping. 

The Sales Meeting Hub can also be the first step for B2B companies that want to enter the path of digital transformation. 

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Sales Meeting Hub was created as a part of Divante Innovation Lab. See other modern products for eCommerce born out of the expertise and passion of our experts.

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Published May 5, 2020