Sparta-Town #2: Spartacus PWA roadmap, technical updates, and video

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On the second meet-up of Sparta-Town, we learned the latest updates in the Spartacus roadmap and a bunch of technical changes. If you missed it – this summary is for you.


The second Sparta-Town meeting took place on Thursday the 28th of November. You might not know what that is so let me explain that to you. Sparta-Town is a monthly online meeting of the Spartacus community. It’s held on every fourth Thursday of the month.

This time Sparta-Town covered topics like:

  • What’s new in the Spartacus?
  • Technical deep dive into SSR Implementation
  • B2B Spartacus implementation

The Spartacus PWA roadmap

The meeting was opened by the Spartacus roadmap presentation by Bill Marcotte (Spartacus Product Manager). The highlights are that the Spartacus team plans to keep up with Angular versions so in the middle of March 2020 version 2.0 of Spartacus will be released and it will be based on Angular 9. Another important thing is that Spartacus will start releasing the first B2B features in March next year.

B2B features

Technical updates on Spartacus PWA

The second presentation was a more technical one. Stanisław Stanisławski (Senior Spartacus developer from Divante) presented a technical deep dive into Spartacus’ SSR feature. SSR (Server Side Rendering) is a key feature of Spartacus because it is crucial to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Without SSR, search engines would have trouble to index our page. There’s also another benefit of SSR – it boosts the performance of our application.

 SSR (Server Side Rendering)

Implementation of Spartacus PWA in B2B

My favorite presentation was the last one by Harvinder Singh Mand from Spart Commerce SE. He presented his experience in working with Spartacus in a project. His company is implementing B2B commerce using Spartacus. It’s interesting because it’s one of the first Spartacus implementations that I know. What’s more, they are working on the B2B implementation and the current version of Spartacus (1.3) doesn’t have such features yet (to come in version 2.1). So how did they overcome this obstacle? It turns out that Spartacus’ flexible architecture lets you implement extra features without much pain. Harvinder also mentioned that the Spartacus community was a huge help. 

B2B commerce using Spartacus

The community is reachable via slack channel or StackOverflow.

Sparta-Town Video

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Published December 13, 2019