Radiating eCommerce projects on Bloomberg’s watchlist for 2020

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Bloomberg announced its list of 50 companies to watch in 2020… and the discussion has begun. What products or services with blockbusting potential will these companies launch the next year? Which of them will shine on the eCommerce landscape?

In its analysis, Bloomberg’s experts investigated over 2000 companies in terms of their revenue growth, margins, market share, and debt, as well as other factors like economic conditions. The list presents companies from the energy, technology, finance, and retail sectors. 

We scanned through the lucky 50 in search of the companies that will impact the eCommerce scene in the year to come. What are our picks?

Anta Sports logo bw

Anta Sports

In Q1, 2019 this multi-brand company offering sports apparel achieved an increase in profit margin of over 58%. Anta Sport is the largest sportswear company in China and a serious rival to Nike and Adidas in their home country. The company is expected to speed up its development before the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

  • Estimated sales growth 23.28%
  • Estimated EPS growth 35.74%
  • Total assets $5.13b
  • 1-Year total return 79.85%
  • 12-month sales $4.16b
cd projekt

CD Projekt

This Polish company is world-famous for The Witcher, the RPG game with over 40 million copies sold. For the last few months, CD Projekt has been working on the next hit – Cyberpunk 2077. The new series premiere is announced for April 16th, 2020, and the game is one of the most highly anticipated upcoming titles with the number of preorders much higher than The Witcher 3. More at www.cyberpunk.net/

  • Estimated sales growth 446.12%
  • Estimated EPS growth 1183.13%
  • Total assets $304.19m
  • 1-Year total return 30.28%
  • 12-month sales $108.34m


With its marketplace, Facebook directly entered the eCommerce scene. This seemed to be a profitable step as, this year, the company began testing out online selling features on Instagram. Despite lots of regulatory concerns, Facebook is planning to launch new business models (also related to eCommerce, AI, and online payments). The results might be better-than-expected.

  • Estimated sales growth 29.3%
  • Estimated EPS growth 30.3%
  • Total assets $117.01b
  • 1-Year total return 15.3%
  • 12-month sales $62.60b
Just eat

Just eat

This group is the largest food-delivery service outside China. Just Eat created a global hybrid marketplace for online food delivery and consolidated major delivery companies from Germany, the Netherlands, and the UK, which already puts it at the top, alongside giants such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo. Next year, Just Eats plans further consolidation which should place the group in the leader’s seat.

  • Estimated sales growth 30.8%
  • Estimated EPS growth 22.8%
  • Total assets $1.68b
  • 1-Year total return -6%
  • 12-month sales $1.15b


It is China’s third-largest eCommerce platform (right after Taobao and JD) which was launched in 2015. Pinduoduo is based on the sales model “the more people buy a product the cheaper it gets”. Ever since its launch, Pinduoduo has seen explosive growth. Recently, Pinduoduo marketplace hit over 500 million active shoppers and has the potential to become the fastest growing eCommerce app in the history of China. 

  • Estimated sales growth 97.7%
  • Estimated EPS growth N/M
  • Total assets $7.92b
  • 1-Year total return 36.3%
  • 12-month sales $3.05b
Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins is the largest builders’ merchant in the UK, offering over 23,000 quality trade products. One of their traits is free delivery or Click and Collect in 1 hour. The company experienced a crisis caused by low UK renovation spending. The company plans to kick back with a spinoff of the consumer DIY chain Wickes. Will they succeed? The next year will show.

  • Estimated sales growth 1.9%
  • Estimated EPS growth -6.2%
  • Total assets $7.92b
  • 1-Year total return 23.2%
  • 12-month sales $7.96b
divante presents click & collect accelerator
divante presents click & collect accelerator


This American company transformed transportation as well as the way we think about shared services, mobile apps, and engagement. With the food-delivery services, Uber stepped into another area of our every-day life and soon might expand rapidly to any other type of urban delivery, like groceries. Uber is building higher engagement through bundles of offerings and monetization of a monthly active-rider which should help Uber surpass Ebitda margin expectations for 2020.

  • Estimated sales growth N/A
  • Estimated EPS growth N/A
  • Total assets $30.98b
  • 1-Year total return N/A
  • 12-month sales N/A

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Published November 4, 2019