Navigating transformative times for the petrol industry with innovative loyalty solutions

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There are difficult times ahead for the petrol industry. Although it’s currently experiencing record profits, all the signs suggest that this isn’t going to last. Since businesses within this sector are bracing for challenges posed by shrinking reserves, electrification efforts, and evolving regulations, staying ahead will require more than what’s working now. 

Fuel retailers must proactively seek new revenue streams and future-proof their businesses. Because of this, embracing innovative approaches to customer engagement and loyalty is going to become a hot topic in the next few years. 

Inspired by these changes, we recently partnered with Open Loyalty and released our “Fueling customer loyalty” eBook. It’s a comprehensive guide to modern loyalty strategies and tools that you can implement today to use the paradigm shift in the industry to your advantage. 

This article is meant to give you a taste of what’s inside to help you decide if the eBook is for you. Read on to find out.


What to expect from the eBook

Navigating the current and future landscape of the petrol industry

You can’t future-proof your business without a deep understanding of the challenges that it faces. That’s why we kick off the eBook with a discussion on the current state of the petrol industry and the way it’s expected to change in the near future.

We delve into the intricacies of this sector to uncover the hurdles it faces and gain valuable insights into the shifting dynamics of the market. Additionally, we explore the profound impact of external factors, such as electrification efforts and regulatory changes, and their implications for the industry.

Six pillars of sustained growth

Throughout the eBook, our experts identify and discuss six pillars that will shape the future of the petrol industry:

  • Leveraging emerging trends and technologies
  • Establishing new revenue streams
  • Building personalized loyalty programs
  • Implementing technology for enhanced customer engagement
  • Expanding loyalty programs through partnerships
  • Gamifying the fueling-up experience

These pillars form the foundation for strategic decision-making and offer a roadmap for sustained growth in a rapidly transforming market. In the eBook, we tie them together to provide a comprehensive framework for fuel retailers to make informed choices and build the optimal strategy.

Strategies for future-proofing your business

Amidst the challenges mentioned above, the six pillars of growth emerge as a pivotal strategy for future-proofing the petrol sector. We dig deep into each of them and suggest some of the most promising ways you can leverage innovative approaches to stay agile and thrive. These strategies can serve as a proactive response to the dynamic nature of the market and ensure resilience and sustainability.

The untapped power of customer loyalty

Customer loyalty programs are nothing new for the petrol industry. Almost every retailer has their own system of points that can be exchanged for discounts or rewards. However, there’s much more potential to these programs than just points.

As the petrol industry changes, customer loyalty can become a major driver of business growth. Prioritizing customer loyalty can be a transformative force that creates lasting connections with customers and sustainable business models. We devote much space to discussing how modern loyalty programs can help businesses overcome new challenges and establish a strong foothold in the market. 

Revolutionizing loyalty programs with Open Loyalty

The eBook also takes a peek into Open Loyalty, our go-to choice in API-driven loyalty systems. We provide exclusive insights from the creators of the system that’s synonymous with innovation and adaptability. It’s an opportunity to learn and become inspired by their experience in building and implementing loyalty software solutions that have reshaped the industry. 

The proof in the fuel tank: the Drop Tank story

We conclude the eBook with a real-life success story. Our experts explore how Drop Tank, a leading loyalty service provider for fuel brands and convenience stores in the U.S., leveraged innovative loyalty features to achieve remarkable success. The case study provides proven real-life solutions but also serves as a broader testament to the transformative power of strategic loyalty initiatives in the industry.

Download the eBook now and embark on a transformative journey

Stay ahead of the curve, embrace innovation, and discover the innovative loyalty features that will reshape the future of the oil and gas retail industry. This eBook is your indispensable guide to thriving in the years to come and a game-changer for fuel retailers seeking transformation.

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Published January 2, 2024