How to take advantage of high demand in a crisis

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Nobody knows what comes next in the dynamic and evolving situation regarding the coronavirus. We can make predictions based on what we observe, but we can’t say for sure what is around the corner. We also can’t make sweeping assumptions that every business is affected in the same way. Yes, this is a crisis. Yes, a great number of businesses are suffering and many will, unfortunately, fail. But that doesn’t mean that others are not seeing increased demand and even benefitting from the current crisis.

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Immediately after the main wave of the crisis hit, I shared some actionable advice for eCommerce managers on how to cope with the situation. We then analyzed the situation in the fashion, pharmacy, music, and FMCG domains in more detail, and we went a step further and created a guide to support any business struggling to survive. We showed how to get online fast and unlock sales channels and revenue streams. 

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We’ve now created a second guide focusing on any business with an online presence that is bucking the trend and experiencing stable or increased sales during a global crisis. This may seem counterintuitive to some: why would a business need help if it is thriving? But knowing how to take advantage of a strong market position in uncertain times is tough—especially if the growth in demand was unexpected and your infrastructure is unready. 

Businesses that are experiencing growth right now may also be keen to invest but are uncertain if the increased demand and sales volume is only a temporary reaction to the current state of the world or if it is something that can be extended into the long-term future of the business.

For a good overview, check out this growing and declining categories list compiled by Stackline.

In my opinion, it’s really time for businesses that are posting better results during the COVID-19 crisis to seize the moment. Go big or go home, as they say. It may involve a little courage and some amount of investment, but the competitive advantage that can be gained right now is truly unprecedented.  

In our How to Grow eCommerce guide, entitled “Managing Growing Business Demand in a Time of Global Crisis”, we asked experts working with international eCommerce projects about their observations on the current situation. We then made a 9-point checklist that will help you maximize the current interest in your business and turn it into continued growth as the COVID-19 situation moves into future phases and eventually fades. When the time comes, we want your business to be in a position to thrive. 

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Published April 15, 2020