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Vue Storefront helps commerce companies provide a great experience for their customers with a strong front end while increasing revenue and drastically cutting costs on development and operations.
Developers love Vue Storefront. It's the most popular and fastest-growing front-end-as-a-service for composable commerce. Its performance-oriented architecture combines a mobile-friendly experience and an API-driven approach that enables eCommerce to build flexible, future-proof webshops.
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What can our Vue Storefront team do for you?

Whenever you're ready to implement a Vue Storefront PWA or want to test it out, our eCommerce
experts will help you through the entire process, from gathering requirements to going live.
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A headless storefront on Vue.js


Working with global leaders for over 10 years has given us vast experience in the eCommerce industry. We know that the growing number of mobile users is just the tip of the iceberg. Along with our experienced experts, we've examined the state of eCommerce and noticed that to win markets, online stores must also improve the user experience (UX) by improving it and entirely switching their approach. 

That’s when we spotted PWAs. They matched our needs perfectly. They are reliable, fast, and engaging, but, at that point, nobody had used them for commerce. So, we started to experiment with PWAs by leveraging them to build a headless front end, which could later be connected with any eCommerce platform. 

We started with React framework, but our developers soon switched to Vue.js. This relatively young framework is way more flexible and easy to use. We soon presented
a prototype and tested it with the Magento eCommerce platform. 

The results were stunning. Thanks to advanced caching and preloading techniques, online stores were loading faster than half a second.


  • VS testimonial

    Gabriele Conti Taguali

    Founder of Malianta
    “Working with Vue Storefront was like being one of the first men on Mars. Every day was exciting because we could really feel we were implementing something powerful and brand new."

Vue Storefront case study

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Creating an MVP for an online store and scaling it for one of Germany’s top furniture distributors

Business growth is the ultimate goal for each company that comes to us with a project. Frequently, this means that they need to create another brand to introduce a new product or service to the world. That’s what happened with this client.

They still wanted to do what they were passionate about, selling exclusive furniture, but they needed a modern approach.Introducing
an eCommerce store was their next step towards digitalization
and expansion.



The safe migration of an eCommerce platform with Vue Storefront


Since Vue Storefront is separated from the back end, you can use it to ensure a safe update or migration of your existing eCommerce platform. Thanks to the abstract API layer between the front end (Vue Storefront) and the back end (any eCommerce platform), you can migrate on your terms without significant risks.

For example, you can connect Vue Storefront to your Magento 1 instance and then migrate to Magento 2 without changing a single line of code in your front end.

We've been running implementations and custom development of Vue Storefront with global leaders since the very beginning of this PWA solution. We take a client-oriented approach and create a tailored PWA solution each time. 

Leveraging a cutting-edge technology stack, like modern JS, microservices, and the headless approach allows us to introduce Vue Storefront in young, dynamic businesses as well as well-established and complex IT structures. 


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