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This eBook will introduce you to the headless commerce concept and present you with a set of prospective tools reviewed by our team. We’ve tried them out so you don’t have to go through each solution one by one. 

It’s all in here.

  • You’ll understand the current market landscape and be able to predict how it will shape the next couple of years. 
  • You’ll discover the essential features of the new eCommerce platforms. 
  • You’ll take a deep dive into the dashboards for marketing tools and digital experience platforms. 
  • You’ll know exactly which tool to pick in order to supercharge the performance of your business.


After reading this eBook, you’ll know all of the essential details of the top headless platforms and understand how they might help you optimize your online business.

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In over 130 pages, you’ll find:


An introduction to composable commerce and insights into the future of eCommerce.

Analysis of the top four headless eCommerce platforms.

Analysis of the top four headless eCommerce platforms.

Detailed descriptions and comparisons of the leading product information management (PIM) platforms.

Detailed descriptions of the leading product information management (PIM) platforms.

Short guides on two of the top headless marketing tools.

Short guides on two of the top headless marketing tools.

Descriptions of headless enterprise search solutions.

Descriptions of headless enterprise search solutions.


Four tutorials on digital experience platforms.

"By 2023, organizations that have adopted a composable approach

will outpace the competition by 80%

in the speed of new feature implementation."


Take a deep dive into the possibilities of headless applications

The headless approach replaces the complex technical structure of your eCommerce with puzzle pieces. These plug-and-play pieces can be quickly moved around and seamlessly replaced if necessary. It gives you the ability to pursue constant optimization, ambitious business results, and new trends.


Together, let’s discover the new and prospective headless technologies for the upcoming years.




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Meet the authors

  • Tom Karwatka

    Tom Karwatka

    Advisory Board Member at Divante

    Former CEO at Divante eCommerce technology company. Divante is a leading voice in the industry that believes eCommerce can improve our world. Tom is the co-founder of Vue Storefront and Open Loyalty, angel investor, and founder of Tech To The Rescue.


  • Piotr Karwatka

    Piotr Karwatka

    Advisory Board Member at Divante

    Before starting Divante in 2008, Piotr was already passionate about open source. As a CTO, he didn’t stray from this path. He co-founded Vue Storefront, the open-source PWA front end for any eCommerce, which is based on Vue.js.


  • Bartosz Picho

    Bartosz Picho

    eCommerce Solution Architect at Divante

    Engineering Director and a one-man army for solving problems that require a deep and practical understanding of business and technology. Co-author of “The Microservices Book” with over 10 years of experience empowering global brands with eCommerce solutions built with technologies like Magento, Shopware, and others.


  • Damian Kłaptocz

    Damian Kłaptocz

    Business Analyst at Divante

    Senior Business Analyst and team leader at Divante. He began his journey in eCommerce development in 2008 as an eCommerce manager and developer. He also worked and gained experience for a number of years as an eCommerce manager, project manager, product owner, and finally, as a business analyst cooperating with many well-known brands like Selena, Senetic, Lampenwelt, and Doppler. 


  • loc_round_git

    Bartłomiej Loc

    Project Manager at Divante

    Project Manager at Divante since the beginning of 2020. He started developing his leadership skills in a nonprofit organization in 2015. He’s passionate about agile project management methods and management philosophy. As a certified Scrum Master and Project Manager, he leads teams to create exceptional eCommerce stores.


  • 600x600-zdjecia-piotr

    Piotr Znamirowski

    Head of Shopify Development at Divante

    Experienced consultant and supervisor for eCommerce implementation and integration. Always looking for a way to optimize and automate IT processes.


  • Adventure20KCE

    Kacper Cebo

    Open Loyalty VP of Sales at Divante

    Open Loyalty Co-founder and an experienced business consultant specialized in advising loyalty solutions to clients from a variety of industries. Passionate about loyalty & customer engagement techniques, always focused on understanding how the loyalty program design impacts high-level business goals of the organization and drives growth.


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